Sometimes I think quite deeply about those age old questions. You know you get the Jehovah's people knock on your door, or they are set up with a stand at a train station. Or it's the Mormons, come see you somehow. They provoke a little thought.

Although I was raised in a Roman Catholic environment I am very lapsed. I'm not religious. I don't accept any of their dogmatic approaches to life's questions because they don't answer them, they just add conjecture.

A fundamental thing that crosses my mind is if as it says in Genesis God created the heavens and all that's in them, the universe, then he is effectively greater than it, possibly even outside of it? Larger than the universe, or in a different dimension, like a spirit being, not needing to live in a physical dimension. That opens my mind to seeing how petty the religions are at talking about this Great Being.

We are so wrapped up in ourselves we cannot comprehend just what the original purpose God had for us before Adam and Eve corrupted it in the Garden.....?
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I am too ...I believe its the god within you... I always research my history its good for the soul