You've Accepted Me & You've Seen Everything

  I've longed for so long in time, just to be loved by someone else, I've longed forever to be accepted for who I am & not just part of me, I've always wanted happiness & harmony in my life, I've always wanted to feel safe & I've always wanted someone to be a balance for me when things get catioc in life & I've needed someone to tell me while looking in my eyes that everythings gonna be ok, no matter how hard the storms of life roll into my world & cause me to fall short on my knees!


      Your the only one I love, your the only person that has seen me thruogh good time & through the rough & rocky times, you'v accepted me for me & not part of me, you've brought hope into my life, you'v gave me harmony & joy, you've made me feel loved, & most important you'v never left my side when I've needed you the most, through the good times, through the bad times, & through times my health has taken a toll on myself & my body! I'v never had anyone in my life that is so dear & so wonderful to me, I've never been treated like a woman who deserves respect, but you've changed that & have given me everything I've ever wanted, the Heaven's stars are deftinly looking over me, cause you are the blessing to me & my life, that shows my higher powers do bless people richly, cause too me you are the falling star from Heaven to me, my life partener, my blessing, my best friend, my soul mate, & my boyfriend I cannot be blessed more!!!

   When people have talked about me &  I am not there to defend myself, its u, that has been has been there to speak for me!
  When people think I am nothing but a ***** because of the way I carry myself, "its you with thoes sparkling blue eyes, that says to me " let them think what they wanna think, they have no idea who you really are or what your about, they only see the outsides of you, I know you carry yourself strong on the outside with your head held high & your smile bright as can be, I know what life has delt you, I cannot blame you for carrying yourself the way you do, I know your opinated to the fullest extent, but I admire you & your courage for being brave & for speaking the truth when others cannot because they are afaird of fear & how others look at them, but you are not afarid you speak when you have to & other times I have seen you let things just roll off your shoulders like a skateboard, that is why I love you & that is why I admire you so much, you are one of a kind angel & indivial that this world cannot see but Heaven  & me can!!

When others have let themselves go down hill cause of a probelm, its you, that has taught me, everything is ok, your faith & I will pull you through!
I have never in my life had so much self respect or respect for others the way I do, until now, you came to my lfe & blessed me greatley!
You have shown me what is to be a woman, a woman who deserves the best very best & not physical beatings or abuse from anyone man or from anyone for that fact!
I have never felt joy in my life or what true love is until, now that you walked into my life, I am so blessed, I know there are times that you, baby think you cannot give me much, but honey you've given me so much more than no one in this world could give me or make me feel the happiest woman in this world, expect you, which is the blessing is the greatest blessing I've gotten in my life!!

I've never known or belived that one day, I would have the man of my dreams or the one man that could give me everything & hold the keys to my heart, & be the only one for me & make the most blessed & happiest woman alieve, for I read so many fairy tales as a youngester growing up, I thought that all thoes fairy tales was nothing but lunch meat to feed to little girls, to make them belive that one day it would happen to me, but because of you I see & know different, you've got everything that holds the keys to my heart & yet you make me feel so much joy, there is no Heaven without you, the love of my life & so much more!!

Decited to Frank, my bf, my soul mate, my life partener, my roomate, so much more & the greatest blessing in my life, baby there is no Heaven or Earth without you, I love ya so much, I would give my life up for you & you only, you've got the keys to my heart,  you've got my happiness & so much more, without ya I am totally losted & doomed to suffer!!
mysterygirlsky mysterygirlsky
26-30, F
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That's real love.