My Worth

The first thing guys ever notice is a pretty face, big boobs, nice butt, and overall a nice body. I get annoyed when the only reason guys want to talk to me is because Im pretty. Dont get me wrong I like the attention but at a certain level. I am way more than a pretty face. Most of the guys that come up to me assume that Im a huge flirt or a ****. Wrong! Yea I flirt but that doesnt mean anything. I only talk dirty with people I kno or am friends with. When it doesnt have to mean anything. When I look for a guy I look for the whole package. Id rather have a guy with a good personality. Yea looks matter alittle especially if were dating and id have to see them all the time. I may act ditzy at some points but im not dumb. All guys ever want to do is get in your pants and Im worth more than that. Im not some one night stand. Im not a hit it and quit it. If they cant see that then they arent worth my time.
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13 Responses Apr 29, 2011

i agree on everything i just read. if thats youre eyes theyre beautiful.

Why thank you :)

Im sure its hard for anyone

Thank you :)

Beautifuly written.

talking sure. but talking dirty no thanks :)

i agree with you shadow, but the thought of becoming close to you, and talking dirty, is right here, and now. perhaps we can arrange to exchange a few chats eh. up to you? good luck.

Exactly :)

yea especially when its driving you crazy! lol :)

Thanks everyone. I kno there are good guys out there, this was just like a message to the other type to leave me alone lol

fair play hun there are sum good guys out there though we do exist lol

Fair play to you.

Thanks :)

thumbs up :bd