no one wants damaged or broken things. i think that goes for people too. people say they care and love you, but do they really? or is more going on in their own lives for them to worry about anyone else. i am broken. and cant be repaired. i know there are people out there suffering way more than me, but i cant help but feel damaged from all the things i have been through in the last 36 years. i am a grown woman who never really grew up. in my head i am still a kid. but on paper i have been married and divorced, had good jobs and crappy ones, loved and lost people close to me. but that is just on paper. no one knows the real me. the me that is so screwed up that i inflict pain on myself. damaged is a powerful word when you think about it. everyone is damaged somehow. it is just how deep the damage goes. to the depths of my soul. does anyone really actually give a ****?
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Jesus came for broken damaged people, look in scriptures he healed prostitutes thrives ,cursing fishermen, illiterate, the rejects, he made them his own, and he still does it, he said go into the world as he has entered your world and tell them this news , i paid to heal them with my very life, and its a gift, its free , only believe the news and receive my love.

Why would I not give a ****?

Go help someone else. It doesn't have to be big, go walk dogs at a no kill animal shelter, something. Give of yourself to a real cause, not a man. Yes you are damaged, so are we. You're not alone. Go read my confession (only one so far), or someone else's. Feel some pain and anguish for someone else. Give yourself a break. Then go help someone or something. "It's not the burden that kills us, but how we carry it." Or something like that, that's how I like it I go. And listen to Metalica's version of Tuesday's Gone. Great song, but you probably know that. You're not alone. Have a day.

I do! So you can believe or not. That is your decision to make. I haven't been on in awhile, and to tell you the truth , I was going to say hi to a different friend,but I felt the need to respond. Ive talked with you before. Aren't you the girl who gets hung up on guys really easy, but usually they are in some other relationship? I think you're really being too hard on yourself. Everything you mentioned is what we all go through and it seems to me that it is part of life. Is living hard; you bet!! Is it worth it; right agin!. You need someone to hold you tight, both of you sharing the pain and joy, maybe a tear or two. I'm sure you'll feel better!