Im so numb i can't feel anything
Im just dead inside :'(
Lonelybrokenangel95 Lonelybrokenangel95
22-25, F
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So sorry dear to hear that but also I know that God created us with an enormous strength that will help us always to overcome what we face and just stand again after falling let's talk my dear

hello lonely, you are the reason that Jesus is here for you, he say if you hear his voice of love, you will live, hear him say, i forgive you, when he died on the cross he was paying for your death, your sorrow, your sins, and he gives power to as many as receive him, will you receive him now he is rich unto all you call upon him. and he hears and answers your prayer

You play the Emo?

Nooo im going through s tough period

why is it tough? and please dont say Broken, scared, scard, if you cant say it in public pm me.

I need an advice