They Have Become What They Claim To Hate

but in reality they have been bad for years.
After the SS Liberty they Israelis have shown their true colors.
Israel is NOT a US ally. They have no mutual defense treaty with the USA and no country even the old Soviet Union has had as many spies engaging in espionage against the US.
Israel is not out friend.
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1 Response Aug 14, 2010

I agree with you completely. The trouble with world politics is that our governments continue to be allies with them because guess who sells weapons to the Israelis?
When South Africa oppressed their black population, world governments spoke out against it and eventually apartheid ended.
The difference is that Israeli oppression involves the use of billion dollar military equipment. So, as usual, money wins. The US government will never really condemn Israel because American jobs and profits depend on Israel continuing to have a war with Palestinians