Palestinian Genocide

No matter how justified you feel about what being done to the Palestinians this is just wrong

During the early immigration of Jews to Palestine there were many Nazis of Germany who settled in Palestine as well as per operation PaperClip in America after the war.

Here is a Jewish American who immigrated to Israel as a young woman,  you will find that she feels the state of Israel is run contrary to the Jewish moral ideas and principals.

The Germans may have lost the war but the Nazis just moved to America and  Israel.

If you venture to listen to her whole 5 part video you will definitely start to see similarities in what is going on in both America and Israel. It's happening a little slower in America than in Israel

If you read Richard Hoagland's book,"Dark Mission", he states that there is a power struggle going on in Washington between the Masons, The Nazis and The Magicians ( whoever they are).

If you look at the ridiculous nature that social services and law enforcement agencies are run today, it's unmistakable that fascist tactics are being employed.

Caliper Caliper
56-60, M
Mar 11, 2010