I Suppose I Think In Text.

For some reason, I find it far easier to communicate in text than in words. Don't get me wrong, I can talk, and, when prompted into a conversation, likely won't shut up, but I prefer typing. My thoughts just tend to flow better through the keyboard. Funny, someone here once said that I seemed to "speak in paragraphs". Perhaps that's it; maybe I just think in paragraphs.

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I don't think I speak in paragraphs but I hate chitchat, unless done in a truly friendly and relaxed way.<br />
I simply appreciate it when people think before they speak and focus on positive things rather than spend their time dissing the people they know.

Hahah enjoyable reading...<br />
Well, I say its because when we write we purely express our minds. (Excluding those who do not think while writing)<br />
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But mostly when we made a direct conversation and talk, we use tongue more then brain.<br />
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That's why wise people said, "think before you speak".<br />
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I communicate much more easily through text than speech also. Do you happen to have Autism? The reason I ask is because I am not sure if it is common to feel that way, or if it is an autistic trait. I had always attributed it to the fact I had Autism. Communication in general doesn't come easily to me, but I would prefer to communicate in text if given a choice.

"when prompted into a conversation, likely won't shut up" haha, I like this sentence:D(not that I know, if ti's true or not).<br />
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Come on, if you speak/think in paragraphs, it can only mean that you compose your sentences thematically. At least, I don't see another meaning here... Nothing wrong with that.<br />
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Internet reduces communication to just words, cutting off from your 'message' body language, gestures, tone of voice, instant reaction etc., it's actually a pretty big part of it...<br />
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You have a bit of a problem with human interaction, don't you? Plus, being a shy cthulhu doesn't help at all... @.@