A Second Endowment Does Not Seal Eternal Life

I personally believe that a person's calling and election is NOT made sure through a second endowment. I believe this because we are saved by grace, and not works, lest any man should boast because of works. Thus, Prophets cannot seal this great blessing through temple work. This blessing only comes from Jesus Christ himself verbally telling you that you are sealed up in promise. You must understand that the more sure word of prophesy is referring to Christ's literal promise he makes to you saying something along the lines of: "Son, thou shalt be exalted." or "You have a crown for you in heaven." or "You shall be great (as God is great)" I believe that only Christ can give you this promise, but Christ can also choose to speak it through someone like a patriarch by the power of the Holy Ghost. I want you to know that only Jesus Christ is the fountain of living waters. I believe these living waters represent total forgiveness of all sins and the love of God. And if you've had living waters spring forth from your heart, then you've tasted of the fruit of the tree of life. And if you've tasted of the fruit of the tree of life, your calling and election is made sure. Why do I say that? Well, it only makes sense when you look to the garden of Eden. Adam and Eve were not allowed to eat of the tree of life or else they would never die. 

I stress that only Christ has the power to tell a person where they shall abide in His kingdom forever. I believe we can loose a man from the book of life to either a book of death or no book at all... But Christ is the ultimate judge out of the books that are written. Christ is the ultimate judge of a person's heart.

These are things in which I believe with all my heart. I ask you to remember Lehi's vision in which people pressed forward on the iron rod to the tree of life and living waters. Hanging onto the iron rod represents Christ's word and our diligence in keeping the commandments. The tree of life and living waters represent God's love for us, eternal life, and forgiveness of all our sins. When we taste of God's love, our testimonies become sure and steadfast like an anchor to our souls. Why is that? Because we know perfectly the divine nature of God and what it would be like to live with him again in heaven. Although if Christ promised anyone eternal life, that'd also be a testimony that is strong and steadfast as I see no reason as to why the faithful person would not believe God, even if they do not understand what he's talking about. 

So all in all, if the second endowment is really real and out there... I think Jesus Christ is going to be getting after the church for it in his own timing. Why do I say that? Because although he may tolerate sin for a while, he cannot look upon it with the least degree of allowance. Furthermore, I do not think that he would count any ordinance sealing a person's calling and election made sure as valid. A man is not saved by his works or his covenants, we are saved by grace after we have faith enough to live. A person whose calling and election is made sure still has debts to pay, but it is made sure because Christ knows most assuredly by the person's faith that they will pay their debts most absolutely.

Achieving the same greatness as God has is not instant, it is a process even after you are promised to become greater than anything you can imagine.

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Jun 9, 2012