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I was raised in the Church and have a firm personal conviction of the Restoration of the Gospel.  I served a mission and love watching General Coference.  But I feel like I'm an inactive waiting to happen.  For pretty much the last fifteen years I've felt like an outsider and an outcast in the Church.  No matter where I go I just don' fit in, so it's not just one stupid branch - either something is wrong with me or there is something epedemic in the Church.

The Church operates on at least three levels: the doctrine/theology, the ecclesiastical organization, and the social culture it forments.  I have no trouble with the first two, it's the last one that gives me grief.

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Hi Grumpy - I recommend you do a search of "Book of Abraham" and read everything - both sides. I think that will provide some clarity for you. Good luck. Hal

Rarely do I fit in with people in any Ward I've lived in. I used to be inactive too. For many years and I had many problems. It was a long road back too. But now I go to church I say hi to lots of people, particularly those who seem to be "not so popular". I don't have hardly any close church friends and none in this area at all...BUT I don't mind because I think some of the "stick in the mud" "perfect" members need those who have different ideas, experiences and ways of thinking. I have sass and flare and they just need to deal with it. IT'S MY CHURCH too, so GO! And be yourself. You will probably find some gems where you least expect it. The church/religion is true...Christ is the only perfect one...the people in our church are simply imperfect...gotta accept that...and btw many of those who have the appearance they "have it together", "have perfect lives/families" or are "happy" aren't really that way. I testify to that. Everyone has issues! Everyone. So again, go be YOU. They need people like YOU there. Ripple the pond.

I'm a morman and I feel like an outsider myself. I think it's because I don't have a million brother's ans sister's as it seem to be with everyone else.

I didn't feel very included in church activities that I went to as a younger boy. I moved when I was 9, and never made very good friends with the boys in the ward I moved into. Even though there we're literally about 22 boys within about 2 years either direction of my age. I couldn't really get along with any of them. But before long I found a really good friend who lived just a couple of streets over, and we became really close. But it was always very unplesant dealing with church activities and a dozen or more boys that I didn't get along with. So I kinda quit the church around 15 or 16.

Remember the scripture that talks about people saying all was well in Zion? You have no problem with the first two, only the third. Is it possible that others are not adhering to the first two and that is the cause of your problem with the third? Desert Truth has wisdom... listen to him.

your relationship with your God is a private and personal thing...........all organisations use social ostracism as a form of blackmail to manipulate you into complying with their agendas........tell them to F&%^% off and find people who will accept you for you regardless of your religious affiliations

I love being a member of the Church. Although I may not be as obedient and as diligent as others, deep inside, I love the Restored Gospel very much

Thank you for your comment. I may consider it. I am very sensitive, so I will wait a while. If not, then I may go to another ward. I enjoy learning, and there was a lot to learn at the LDS church.

LovesJeanValjean - There are so many missionaries and mission presidents that feel like people need to get baptized and if they are not ready for baptism then time should not be spent with that person. <br />
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This type of thinking was very frustrating to me as a missionary. I don't think this mentality represents the standing of the church as a whole. President Hinckley gave a talk while I was on my mission that made it clear that people interested in the church or attending meetins are welcome and that the missionaries should spend time with them. If you liked mormon meetings you should go back, it is between you and God and nobody else.

I use to be Mormon, then I left that church. I like going to church, it is a meeting where people are learning to be good. We need more of these in the world. I like going to many different churches. I still liked going to the Mormon church, until a couple years ago, the missionaries and the ward mission president made some embarrassing implications and made it clear that I was not welcome in their church. I made it clear from the beginning that I would not join, I just wanted to be there, to learn and be inspired. So, I don't go there any more. I go to other churches now.

You are welcome there. People can be insensitive and somewhat backward. This church is for everyone. You don't have to be a member to come. You should come back. Don't let ignorant people stand in your way of learning or having a relationship with Christ.

I'm mormon too. I, think almost everybody has problems with the social part. I would like to hear you expound more on this topic. <br />
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Maybe I don't understand what you mean but if I do, my advise would be to not worry about what people say or think or how they act. Be a leader, show people how to act and behave.