What's In a Name?

I am Mormon and have been raised in the church. As i get older, I am building my testimony of the gospel and its presence in my life is a constant comfort and guidance that I am eternally grateful for. The only thing is that I absolutely hate the term 'Mormon'. I feel like it is so derogatory and try to refrain from using it myself and wouldn't at all were it for the fact that it is pretty much all people know and I do wish it were not so....but you can't have everything, I guess.
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7 Responses Nov 9, 2007

yes I hate the term "Mormon because he's a man" thats my wife perspective But I would prefer the name Christian over Mormon because I follow Christ ie being A disciple rather than follow a dead prophet also the term Christian was a swear word or used as a slang meaning "little Christ" as in being less important

I have the same problem.

The brittish called us yanks during the revolution, and we liked it, didn't become deroggatory. But yes you don't hear any foes frequently using the full LDS name. Heck even i'm too lazy to type it, lol. Anyways, good seein a fellow member of the church.

I've never been comfortable with Mormon either but I have to say I think 'grailsearcher' has a point

I think the best way to take a term that is used as a put down (which was originally what they used "mormon" as) and take it on ourselves and be proud of it. The only one that can put us down is ourselves, others can only succeed if we let them.

I really like the term Mormon and readily use it to describe myself. Sure, it originated as a derogatory term, but in all the places I've traveled in the past quarter century the positive and neutral uses far outweigh any negative uses. For most people, in and out of the Church, they're synonymous.<br />
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Negative connotations and misconceptions exist about our faith - they're not caused or triggered by a nickname. The full name of the Church is rather unwieldy, so both foes and fans call us Mormons for convenience, that's all there is to it.

I don't understand why you hate the term. Have you come across people who discriminate against Mormons?