Not The Acutal Person. Ahhh. Long Story, but I will shorten it a little for your entertainment.. Read If Interested.

Okay, well let's see. Hmmmm. I have the palest olive skin you could imagine. My hair is ALMOST BLACK. I wear clothes that are black. Mostly long skirts that are almost to the ground where you could barely see my feet at times. I have very, very few clothing that are not black and every now and then I wear them. But mostly everything's black. The darkest brown eyes that you could see, when not in the sunlight of course. Only then and in certain lighting you would see brown. I am surprised that I don't get nick named, Morticia. I could pass as her little sister, even.  Well I know it's a little crazy, but I thought I would share.

PEACE people. ;D

PS, no request for pics, please. I am a bit camera shy.
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3 Responses Jan 23, 2013

Sounds uncannily ideal to me. Pale as the full moon at midnight in December and black as a ravens wings. Wearing long broomstick skirts and a sort of victorian/steampunk style. I think your look would be perfected by a black underbust corset/cincher and healthy touch of native American accessorizing.

And I think you are right to be modest and save your image for the eyes of a special someone, the rest of the world can just use it's imagination.

That is so true my friend. so true. :)

Is not really how you look but how you feel. The world can adjust to you.