I Want A Mom That Will Last Forever

For most of u, u know how my bilogocal mom abandoned me when I was 1 1/2.. my pastor raised me and adopted me... when I was about eight... I will always go to the mall by myself and not buy anything really... just walk around.. the reason I really go is to see the lil girls with their moms... like don't get me wrong, my mom that raised me is an amazing mom.. but I see how the girls are with their real moms...loving and affectionate and etc... I want that... I want a mom... my mom is in her early sixties... and I know one day god will take her away from me... I'm only 18.... but eachday as I go to the mall, I just see the girls with their moms... and I cry just watching them with their moms...their real moms who been their since they were born...raising and supporting and nursing them. Am I weird for wanting that?? Trust me, I LOVE my mom that raised me... but I want my biological mom love to...but shes vindictive and not in her right state of mind to love me... me simply want a mom that will last forever...
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I know how you feel. And I always thought I was alone in this. I was adopted at three and my birth mom never loved or cared for me. And I love my mom now more than anything but it still hurts seeing people with their real moms. It always have bugged me seeing pics of babies with their moms and hearing stories about "when you were a baby you...". And now I live with my friends family and I think of her as a mom and that's not because I love my mom any less or that im trying to replace my mom its just that im "mother needy" I guess. It has done nothing but hurt me to have this problem and it makes me sad now and im sorry you have this problem as well.

Imhappy we are in the same boat... my mom that raised me can tell u stories from wen i was a baby bug it would be better if it was my bilogical mom... thanks for understanding how i feel and come from... we can go thru this together... :)))

It's nice to know that I am not the only one. I used to feel like a freak having the thoughts I do about moms. And now here's a person that is going through this as well. We can talk and work together and help each other:)

Sometimes the only way people know how to "love" looks nothing like love... sick people do sick things... your biological mom would love you if she was capable of love, and despite how it feels....she didn't reject you, she let you be loved by someone who could be a mother... baby stories are over rated.... don't let your mothers inability to love you be a reason for you to not be able to love yourself or let others love you.... I can't say this any other way....noone deserves to be unloved...every living thing has the right to be loved...

i know how you feel it seems like i have all these fake moms that raised me but i just want one my real mom she has time for my other brothers but not me it hurts like hell!!!