He Left Her With 2 Boys, For An Older Woman

My daughter is so heartbroken, it hurts me. I worry for her emothional being. Even though she is in her late 20, she is very timid. She fell in love at 25, and quickly started this relationship, like any girl in love. They've been living together for 5 years, then suddenly out of the blue, he takes off with this 15 year older woman, leaving my daughter with my 2 grandchildren, because he says he is in love with her. No, hint, no regrets, just up and adam. My daughter still can not grasp on to it. Granted it's only been 1 week, and I feel for her, I wish it was me going through this. I have had many heartbreaks in my live as I started "falling in love" at a young age, and I learn to deal with them and accept them. She on the other hand had never. Now with 2 children, in a place by herself, going "I don't know what" because she doesn't open up completely to me, I myself want to tear him apart. She on the other hand is still trying to figure out why. Then he has the nerve to tell her he might not pay for the place and she might be forced to leave the place she and the children have call home for all these years. So many decisions she has to make on her own, for her own and the childrens' good, is so overwhelming. Plus while they were together she used up her credit cards to help themselves while they were together, and because he told her to stop working while they were together, after my 2nd grandchild came she is going to fall behind on all her cards. She says going out to work is not a problem if she can find a job first, but, the children will need childcare, and all of this is just too much for a one punch hit she's been thrown. I just want to help, but what I would help with will not ever come close to begin to mend her broken heart. She is so so heartbroken, even though she's trying to pull thru for the children she is suffering big times.

worriedandconcern worriedandconcern
Mar 21, 2009