Ive Already Written A Story About Joe But Wanted Write Another One....xxxx

Joe was the type of person you never thought could ever exist because he seemed untouchable. He was an extremely talented person, brilliant at any sport he played, unbelievably smart popular, funny and one of the nicest fellas around and a brilliant first cousin. He was practically a big brother to me.
 He really had the world at his feet, by now he would have graduated from college, probably getting the highest grade in his year and would be over in america working for his uncle who is also a mechanical engineer. But, unfortunetly that was not on the cards for my joey.frown 
On the 3rd of January of this year he was killed in a hit and run while walking home from a night club. His body was found by a taxi man who saw him a good bit off, there was no curb in the road... That morning my mother came in and told me the horrific news. At first I didnt cry i just started shaking like mad. I couldnt look at any photos of him it wa too painful. That day was the worst day of my life. To think two days earlier we texted each other happy new year. Going up to his family home was horrible, seeing his car parked outside it and then realizing he is not in there made me feel so heartbroken. tdhe house felt very empty although it was filled with people as he was a very popular person. I couldn't and still cant believe that my joey died the way he did. That someone would just leave him there and they knew well they hit something his injuries proved that. I reallly cant understand why someone would be so cruel. I can't even begin to tell you how much i miss joe, he was the type that no matter how much of a bad mood i was in he would be able to make me laugh. he touched so many lives. that was evident from the number of both young and old at his funeral and months mind... 6 months on and i still cant believe it. everytime i pass where the accident happened and his grave I burst into tears i miss him so  so much. I can feel the tears swell up in my eyes while writing this. broken heart

you never said im leaving
you never said goodbye
you were gone before i knew it and onky god knows why

a million times ive needed you
a million times ive cried
if love alone could've saved you
you never would have died

it broke my heart to loose you
but you didnt go alone
for part of me went with you
the day god took you home

love you always joe....gone never ever  forgotten..
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3 Responses Jun 16, 2010

I lost my brother to an accidental death so I know your shock at this death.As if someone was allowed to build a fence in time...cutting you off with sorrow from what was. An older person asked me Would you trade knowing him to get rid of this hurt? I said no. She said learn to abide with it for it's part of love.She said if I would listen and calmed my heart He could find away to say Farewell for now.

my condolences, ive had a few close people move on to the afterlie.. i know how hard it must be..<br />
did the police catch the person who was driving the car?

I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. Joe sounded like a very amazing person.