I Am Moving Forward

Over the years people have come and gone in my life and I have wasted to many years loosing sleep over it...I have loved and lost as so many others and now it's time to close that door and open a new one...I am 51 years old now and my life is winding down so I refuse to go out in pain...I will move forward and try not to look back...It's time to try new and exciting things in my life and that is exactly what I intend to do....
Say what you will and do what you want I am moving forward and just know if you get in my way I will step over you and keep going forward.....
Nothings gonna stop me now!
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where you are headed to vickie?

Up, nowhere but UP

sorry but I fail to understand what you mean by 'up'

I'm adding you to my circle. I really connect to everything you believe. I feel the same. Loving being in my 50's.

Good for you girl, hope you get where you want to be. X

It's one thing to remember and another to let the memories remember you.. I remember , I don't forget, I do forgive in time. I have always moved on.
But without the memories (both bad and good) we would be but a machine. 9 years ago I decided to change and not let my past dictate my present and my future! I decided my past was the past... Pick up the pieces and move on. And I'm doing just that.
Good luck in your end endeavors and in life. Just don't forget to love and take the important emotional risk that is life

"good friends we've had, good friends we've lost, along the way" bob Marley
"if you're not losing friends, you're not growing up." Snoop dog

A year later have you lived up to this great attitude? If yes, congrats, keep going. If no, rededicate yourself. Good luck.

I have and I am happier than I have EVER been in my life :)



thats a great attitude you have there.it must have taken strength to move on...good for you

I share your insight. I have also determined to live the second half of life better than the first. Good for you

Where is your 1st stop on this trip ?

"When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter five years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go.",-- Catherine Pulsifer

Wonderful advise

I teach that to my students. Glad you liked it.

Hello vickieprince!; THANKYOU for your comment on my story! I love you too!

Great story! Don't forget it!

Thats a very good thing to do with your life. One thing l have learnt is that if you don't live your life the way you want it, others would live it for you so , just go ahead with your plans.

You sound like a woman who is headed in the right direction,and with just the amount of drive to get where she wants,and needs to be.You're to be envied by many,for having the courage to leave the past,instead of leaning on it like a crutch,and focussing on the future,which scares most,because of the uncertainty of it.Forward is the only way to go in life,and while it's good to look at the scenery as you go by,and you may want to glance over your shoulder,or in the review once in a while,just to make sure nothing is coming up from behind you that will blindside you when you least expect it,you don't want to look back too long,or you'll end up off the road.I wish you a safe and happy journey.:)

Just to let you know, I will miss you like any good soul here,but i am used to misses, so you do what you have to do regardles of me. Feel good and be your self. xxx chantellette

Thank you sweetie but I'm not leaving EP

I am curiuos what kind of steps you have in mind. pls let me know?


just turned 62 & is thinking its timee for a bigggg change in my life :) like maybe a new chapter :P

Onwards and upwards.... You are right, we only live this life once so we owe it to ourselves to live it to it's fullest. All the very best with everything :)

Thank you for posting this. It is exactly what I need to do right now but find the emotions pulling me down. I have to do it and will do it as well. Seeing your post and all the responses below has made my day feel a bit easier today. Thank you.

Thank you so much. I know what I have to do, just need the emotional strength.

That's awesome! I wish I was strong enough to do that! Walking away from pain, people who are bad for us... I'm in a very poisonous relationship right now.. This guy has cheated on me from the beginning, caused me to eventually get attacked by one of his friends due to his actions..which he still doesn't want to admit fault too. He has choked me twice, used me, knocked me down emotionally so low...I'm still hanging around... Ive been in wierd friendships with woman too. I applaud your strength..and hope someday soon, I can make a similar post.. You go girl!

You are a strong person keep it up.

You go Girl.

Good for you and I can relate! I tend towards the sentimental so saying goodbye and letting go has always been hard for me...but now I find I'm pretty much in the same place (and same age) as you. It's so much easier to let go now that I understand it's just the way of things, and that sometimes people come around again. I'm curious, what new things will you try?

I love that "moving forward". Letting go of regrets and learning from your mistakes and regrets by not living as a victim of your pass but a person of stride and confidence to move forward in all that you do from now on. What a beautiful way to blossom.

I love that "moving forward". Letting go of regrets and learning from your mistakes and regrets by not living as a victim of your pass but a person of stride and confidence to move forward in all that you do from now on. What a beautiful way to blossom.

I love that "moving forward". Letting go of regrets and learning from your mistakes and regrets by not living as a victim of your pass but a person of stride and confidence to move forward in all that you do from now on. What a beautiful way to blossom.

I love that "moving forward". Letting go of regrets and learning from your mistakes and regrets by not living as a victim of your pass but a person of stride and confidence to move forward in all that you do from now on. What a beautiful way to blossom.

I love that "moving forward". Letting go of regrets and learning from your mistakes and regrets by not living as a victim of your pass but a person of stride and confidence to move forward in all that you do from now on. What a beautiful way to blossom.

Life is a bed of roses if we make it that way...;) Goodluck!

l wish you all the best on your onward and upward journey. You sound as though you`ve been through quite a lot emotionally, but often it`s precisely because we have been through these experiences and come out of them alright, that we are in the best position to make our choices for the future, because of the insight that these past experiences have given us.

Just go with your gut instincts on everything in this life and you won`t go far wrong.

I agree with you...i also need to start moving forward or im just going to be stuck in the same place for a long time...and i know thats not something i want for myself or heck anyone else.

I had a close friend who i had known since i was 13 years of age,i am now 59,through the good times and bad we socialised with each other each weekend.Our lives took different courses but our friendship continued.We were different as chalk and cheese but remained friends.But now he has died i realise how important and priceless a real friendship is, and like the most treasured things he life,never to be taken for granted.

As Joseph Campbell wrote, "Follow your bliss!" :)

I ma 54 going on 55 and it seems to me that its the choices we make and you've made a great one. Life doesn't necessarily wind down for we can always rewind our moments forward. Believe me you can sleep a lot easier and somehow the food is even tastier.

Sure am glad you are stepping over instead of on people and things. If you did step on some people all you would smell is the same old SHlT. Very proud of you Vickie. Next Feb. I will be 53, and yes my give a dam has been broken and I now have a much better outlook on life and people since turning 50 a few years ago. Life is better. And I'm very pleased to call you my friend. keep on keeping on with your new found life.

I'm trying to look at some of the people who have been in my life - even for a short while- and see if there is something that I can learn. For example, one person who chronically uses people is a walking example to me to not have that behavior. Maybe this is why some people end up in your life.
I heard someone say that you can't drive a car by looking in the rear window!

Go forward it might store for you some bright future.

gratuluje mam 56 lat. myslalem jak ty ale sie wystraszylem i ... zostalem w miejscu. pozdrawiam

Great news; you may find that this period in your life is more fulfilling than any so far. I have certainly found my 50s absolutely fantastic; partly, I believe, because my attitude has changed. Go forward and do not look back: the past is passed for a reason. XXX

Great attitude. Hope it's contagious!

thats the way!

While deciding to move forward, one has to define the direction of movement too.

All movements maynot be in the right direction.

Any movement forward is better than going backwards....

I agree with you. Often merely moving forward does not solve the problems.

You mean moving away. I suggest moving away, moving on and moving up.

I love your attitude, it reminds me of Jane Fonda's talk on TED: http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/jane_fonda_life_s_third_act.html

......I 51 this year ruling under the sign of Scorpio. I think of all the signs least understood!!! Your statement resonates with me to some degree
All the best on your journey

Have you taken the first step yet? It is the most important step :-)

I have and it is...

Have you taken the first step yet? It is the most important step :-)

Good for you :) you have alot to live for so enjoy it. I need to learn to let go, it has always been hard for me to let go of exes. A year later I still cant let go of my ex, still think about him and what could have been and wonder how he is doing. He knew I loved him but he still let me go so I should do the same. The people that really love you will be in your life, the ones that dont would become part of your past. So lets let them go and love ourselves even more for it. Good luck to all in your life journeys

Excellent. Just remember, you have to make this decision every day. I'm talking to myself here. Same age, learning the same lesson, and struggling to avoid the habits and patterns that lead to looking back. Okay, eyes forward, moving on. Thanks for sharing this.

Good for you I am in the same situation & am doing the same!

I remember a wise person said once " Some people are meant to be in your life for only a season. When it is time for them to go Let them go." I didn't want to do that. I mean, with friends. I kept calling. I always had issues with girlfriends thinking their guys wanted me. The boyfriend would tell me right in front of their girlfriends and my friends always would deny it. But they started avoiding me. It made me sad...because most of the time the guys hadn't said anything out of the way. I never had girlfriends for long periods. I don't now. I try to find things to keep me busy...women just don't like me around. I don't flirt. Nor am I overly friendly with anyone. I don't dress provocatively.... They would tease me because I'm quiet..saying I'm sneaky. I'm not. But I've adjusted myself to not having friends and I'm okay. But, It was really hard at first.

I am with you.. I am also a woman in my 50's and spend a lot of time worrying about family and also my work situation. ( Been on unemployment for a year) but thinking about myself only makes me stronger to tackle these problems. Thinking of you, and hoping us BOTH the best!

98601kharma: Don't be sad, don't worry... or on unemployment...take up another trade...lpn takes 1 yr. If you plan to continue to work. I'm 66 retired but thinking of working on line...just to keep busy. I also sew.

To quote the "youngsters", LOL, (hey, wait, I'm still young!!) --- YOU GO GIRL!!!

bully for you, i m 57 a male in a similar positiom i learnt this 2 years ago n i m happy and having fun now, wish you the best dear, keep - a - smiling. GOD bless you

Obviously your life is not winding down, it is just now starting for you. Let the past be just that, and now look forward to the new expiriences that you will enjoy. Do what ever you want and what you have always dreamed about . it is time for you to live for YOU... Have fun. Master1A

Hi, love your attitude and choice you have made to move forward is great!
A possitive attitude brings with it a possitive attitude so good for you and I wish you everything of the best. In choosing to go forward you will be incouraging alot of other people to do the same and what you find works for you can in turn help others.
I use a gratitude journal/diary each day and jot down the first 3-5 things that come to mind that I am thankfull for. I find it helps me start the day off on a possitive note.

God bless you and may your journey be fulfilled with grace, love and strength. It is never too late to believe in the impossible; we all have a purpose in life, and I believe that yours is of greatness. Hugs, and I shall walk with you in friendship.

I can so relate to your words and your story! My wife and I separated this year after 32 years of marriage. I will always love her and the great memories we shared. Still, there are times when life has to turn a new direction and I respect that for her, this doesn't include me.

Like you, I have found that there are so many wonderful things to do and so many great people to enjoy them with! In the past few months I've gone skydiving, paddle-boarding and para-sailing. I've gone on seven roller coasters. I've taken an open-cockpit stunt plane ride and a helicopter ride. I've gone to theatre, museums, concerts, disco's and galleries. I've been to some fantastic restaurants. i've walked the beach at sunset and kissed under the stars!

I don't know whether I will eventually "fall in love" again but I do know that my heart has desire, my spirit has passion and there are many people all around that need both!

God bless you in your quest for freedom, happiness and love!

Your story brought me to tears. Part of the reason is that I am happy for you that you have found the courage to take your life and move forward with it with strength and a strong determination to not let anything stop you. I do not think you life is winding down at all! I think you are entering the next chapter and that what is ahead of you will be a magical time full of adventure and good things. I am also 51. This is how I am choosing to look at it. I hope that you can too. Moving Forward is exactly what I am trying to do as well. I am not quite there yet but I am going in the right direction and your story only inspires me to move one step closer. . Below are two songs that I wanted to share with you that I hope bring you a smile. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you the best and hope for great things in your future.



I need to move on as well. I am the responsible one, married to an addict, and it is hard to let go even though it sounds like it should be easy. I wish you all the best.

Ahhhh, moving forward. I think 51 is a lovely age. I'm soon to be 63, and feel like life is still full of adventure. I sometimes think life is winding down and there's not much time to spare. But, I agree we should not dwell on what we can't change, and move forward with what we can.

I know that I personally spend more time smelling the roses, rather then ignoring them and passing them by. I tell those I love that I love them now so they know it. I listen more even when it might hurt, to see if there is something that I can still change while there is time to change it if it will make a relationship better before its too late to do so.

I think there is something true in youth is wasted on the young. I wish I knew what I do now. I would have gone slower and been less likely to rush into life. No way!!! That is not even true, I have no regrets. Love comes and goes. New doors open still, which completely surprise me. I have to laugh and hum a tune, life is still adventurous if I get out and live it. So, live it I will. Keep living, exploring. Theres still much to be learned. So, good for you, go out and do it. Times is a precious gift each day is new and full. Enjoy!

Well, I can't add much to the wonderful comments here. But I wanted to say, that we humans do live by comparison. When you know what poor means, you appreciate being well-off more than those who were born into it. When you were hurt by people a lot, you start appreciating more the loyal friends you have. So basically the negative experiences make us who we are, make us wiser and happier in a long run. At least that's how I feel about my life. And 50 is nothing! - Tina Turner was rocking and rolling at that age :), and still does. I have a few "good example" friends I cheer myself up with, they are in their late 50s-60s and their are more fun and classy and awesome than the ladies in my age and younger. So all the very best wishes to you and enjoy the adventure! :)

Me too! It took me 40 years to figure things out. Will not put up with crap from anyone anymore. If I let someone in my life who is negative or starts acting stupid, they are gone. My past hasn't turned me negative but wiser. I have felt much pain of loving and someday hope to feel the joy of loving someone.

Are you looking for someone to walk with you?

Friends are always welcome to walk with me

It's always good to have someone to walk with you so you won't feel alone,,,

Sounds like you have figured it out as long as you are not bitter and when something really good comes along or someone that you won't be blinded by your past to see it. Just so you know your life is NOT winding down at 51 its just getting going!!

I'm 58 and can totally relate. From being kidnapped by my dad as a child from my mom to a pattern of marrying and giving my heart to dysfunctionql abusive women. It time to move forward, love myself and accept that I need to put myself first, love myself, and be a little selfish. After all isn't that what the rest of the world does?.

Good luck hope your life is properous and happy, wishing you the best for your future

It sounds like you have allowed yourself the freedom to feel everything completely .. and now you are moving through it and past it. I don't think you made any mistakes in your life. I think you have loved (which you can never go wrong with!) and you have lost, and allowed yourself to grieve. Thats perfectly ok! It makes you who you are, but if you are healed now. And if you want to take the time to start loving you, then that is ONE AMAZING step you are taking towards true happiness! I wish you all the best!

Look at all the people that are supporting you in your change. You have written it down which is great, but now you must put your words into action. Pick out a few wild and wonderful things that you really want to do and get out there and do them. At the same time leave the door open for those opportunities that just pop up that you may have let slide by in the past. As they say; today is the first day of the rest of your life. Get out there and enjoy it! Make sure to tell us about some of your adventures.

I have decided to take that chance next week and I will be doing something I never thought I would..I am looking forward to it as it could be life changing...

I've been through a life changing event. I lost my best friend (husband) very suddenly. He was only 55 years old. My life lesson from this is that you can have everything that you want, and do everything that you want to do. Take it from me, the things mean nothing if you don't have people that you love and who you love around to experience and enjoy the things with you. Please still seek out the love. It's the greatest gift that we can give.

That is so very true. I used to travel extensively and I would be in some far of exotic place eating at the best restaurants in the world, but with a business client and it was barely OK. Would have been happier eating at the golden arches with someone I loved.
I have also seen some beautiful sunsets by myself that left a lot to be desired. Great comment!

i wish could join you

I am feeling the same way about my life right now... I have a hard time letting go of the past but sometimes you just need to concentrate on yourself and your path in life. good luck!

i read ur story . i like ur story .atleast u realised ur mistake now so i am happy for that. still u hv time to do achieve so many thing. age is not a matter to keep going forward if u thought to do thats enough. this is my opinion. i wish u all the best to keep going forward

I wish you all the best in your new adventure.
I have just lost my mother who has lived with me for 63 years as i am single, (sad isn't it), so it will hurt but not keep me down as i too am moving forward in my new life.
We will go together into the unknown where others have gone before and i hope it all works out well for you.

Until changes take place from within, the outer reflection will remain the same. You can convince yourself over and over again that you have moved on and let go of the past, but all that you're doing is sinking further into denial...

A hard truth, but the truth none the less and something that I am also struggling with.

Changes are happening this is a truth for me...It's a hard road to travel but I am on my way...

I read your story and it resonated with me on many levels. You said you're 51 and your life is winding down. I can understand why you would say that but I don't agree with you. I'll tell you why. I'm 66 years young at heart and my life just gets better! I don't think of myself as getting older. There are too many things I want to see and do and so many places I want to go and experience that I just keep moving forward and I don't even think of what has happened before today. You may think that as nieve to say but I really feel like I am not OLD yet!

I am the last living member of my family on both sides and I have the freedom to do what I want when I want and go where I want and do what I want and be with whom I want to be. In my 66 year young life this is the FIRST time I can really be ME! It's a long story and I don't have time to relate it here but I am no where NEAR giving up on life and sitting in a rocking chair! A lot of people think of me as getting OLD-ER. Pfffffttttttt! They didn't know me well when I was around them and they sure don't know me now! I am 66 years young at heart and in mind and outlook and I don't intend to slow down! You shouldn't either! You're 51 and younger than ME! I have way TOO MUCH living to do yet to think about slowing down! And so should you! I'm just starting to live my life and I INTEND to LIVE life FULL THROTTLE until I breathe my last! The only time I will be OLD is when I am DEAD! Think about what I have just said before you laugh yourself silly because what I said is true! I have a young and vibrant attitude and as long as I have that attitude about life and the adventures I have ahead of me I will never be OLD! In fact I REFUSE to be old or be referred to as OLD by anyone!

I hope what I have shared with you will just put a full tank of gas in your life and you will put the pedal to the metal of life and GO FULL THROTTLE the rest of YOUR life until you breathe your last!


Kudos to you! I am doung the sane at the age of 52....I think when a person has been dumped.on all their luves....it is time to figure out that the only thing to do is leatn from it and move on!

I can certainly relate to that & I, myself should & will do the same.

You continue to keep strong in your convictions. I wish you happiness and God speed..

Keep it up..and all the best for your life ahead !!

What a lovely positive person you are. I wish you every happiness and may you find genuine happy friends like yourself God bless

That sounds fine and dandy, but the reality is that PEOPLE are the most important thing in the world. Take it from me, a guy that used to have hundreds of friends. I was so hurt by the ex girlfriends, I didn't even notice what else happened... I woke up one morning at 46 years old, and I realized I don't have friends anymore! I have stopped dreaming about my ex girlfriends... Now I dream about all my buddies and all the fun it was to have a whole crew of friends! I grew up in Santa Monica, and I miss those days more than anything in the world.

Power to you vlowery1105!.. moving forward is the true essence of all life.

Why do you say at 51 your life is "winding down"? I'll be 50 in a few months and I feel like I'm just getting started.
People come and people go but mostly they go and so what.
Never look back, you aren't going that way!!! ;)

I could just copy your words and re post it back to you , I am also 51 living in the Cape

Prayer changes everything.

That's freedom.

would you me joining you?

I like Tyler Perry's analogy of people in our lives being like parts of a tree. Some people are like leaves. They are only there for a season and will wither and fall away. Some are like branches. They remain attached longer but a storm can tear them away. But then there are the roots. The roots are there to support you to live and grow and have your being. Don't be sad when you've lost a leaf. Don't despair over a broken branch. But feed your roots. They will hold u up. =)

u go gril :)
and good luck :)

I hope your walk into your next journey brings you joy and happiness, and unconditional love. I wish you strength to form good habits everyday in your life and find joy being alone reading a book or taking your dog for a walk or whatever it is that rejuvenates your well being, health and outlook for the next day and every day for the rest of your life.

First, 51 is not that old - people always come and go, that;s just the nature of life. We must always try to move forward, but learn from the past and proceed cautiously. If I can do it, anyone can....Be true to yourself and you will find happiness, be it with someone or on your own...