Memory Loss Or Rebirth?

I would like to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I had conjured a witty comment regarding your age earlier but, unfortunately, you’ll have to get by without it; I have forgotten both your age and the comment. A local bookstore owner and psychic suggests that this apparent memory loss is actually a deliberate function of the subconscious, intending to free one from ego-consciousness while easing one’s transition into the fourth dimension. Hopefully, I shall soon glimpse this new dimension but, in the meantime, am pleased to adopt the suggested interpretation; I offer you it for your consideration and perhaps as balm, in lieu of the witty comment lost in the ether.
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Cudn't hold back the joy from You.

Thank you for the link to this funny and insightful video. I am rarely offended by anything humorous, or by pertinent comments on the human condition. I am also pleased to tell you that your most amusing days may lie ahead, especially if you enjoy laughing at your own foibles.

Many thanks dear. Good that You enjoyed the video. My oldie did too.

LOL I can identify with that!

Got an e-mail the other day. It read:

" Walk with Me by the Water...


[ and here was inserted a lovely photo of a boardwalk out into a lake at sunset]

crap..... I forgot what it was.... "

Please excuse the delay. There’s many a slip twixt cusp and fingertip…

Yours was an entertaining and provocative response indeed, and, as it turned out, apropos. It reminds me of a revelatory paragraph on the essence of aging and its importance in life's grand strategy. I stumbled upon it in a home-library book some years ago (20?) yet, shortly thereafter, was unable to relocate it; in fact, I couldn’t even recall the book’s title! Perhaps I should have searched in the pudding too, where, it is frequently suggested, the proof can be found.