Goodbye Ex

It's nearly 3 months since he left me. I admit that I was really struggling to move on. I was very eager to forget about him and just be happy again. But now, I am really doing okay. I know that the scar will always be there, but I am glad that the wound in my heart just stopped bleeding and started healing. I am so thankful with all the people who helped me to move on and also for the songs that made me realize that I should not stop being happy after a very devastating break up. It was very devastating because he left without giving me concrete answers. Well anyways, I realized that it's okay not to know the answers, what matters is I have to find ways to be happy again. I am very glad to have my friend who was always there to make me feel how special I am. Having that situation made me see who my real friends are. It doesn't matter how many they are, what matters is they are true to me. I don't force myself to move on anymore, all I do is try not to think of him as possible. There are times where I still wonder how he is doing but, as time passes I noticed I don't often think about him anymore. I just let myself be surrounded by people who really loves and cares for me. I try to go to the mall alone, and test myself, and I realized that I could really be happy being single. My very special friend told me I don't need to rush things and I am so happy he is always there for me. Now that I am single, I am able to give value to myself. I try to focus on myself and do the things that I want to do. I am glad that this day has finally come. Thank you so much also for this site too! There were lots of people here who helped me and I want to thank you all.
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I am so proud of you. I know how difficult this was for you. You have come out stronger, more confident, and a better person from all of this. Keep looking forward... you have an awesome life ahead of you, make the best of it! Thanks for making me smile with your story, Beautiful!

yes when that relationship ends it doesnt mean your life ends there too still alot of new one will come along the way just open up a bit and for sure things will be ok...hhhmmm and remember live to the fullest and be happy...