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So, my wife is going to leave me and I’m sure it’s mostly my fault.

I am a sex fiend and get very annoyed when I am required to go without and especially annoyed when she flinches at my touch. I married young and was foolish enough to believe that our premarital intimacy issues were primarily based on her morality regarding premarital sex and fears of pregnancy. We’ve done the fighting and we’ve negotiated truces. Good faith negotiations but always toward my desire for sex more often and more adventurous … that doesn’t seem fair to her. Shouldn’t a woman be allowed to only want sex once or twice a month? Shouldn’t a woman be allowed to only want sex to be the outcome of spontaneous mutual arousal sparked, not from kissing or fondling or dancing, but from the instantaneous desire of both parties at the same time? As the twilight of my life has rushed toward me, I have come to the realization that our sexual incompatibility is irrevocable. Negotiations need to close our bond of sexual trust is broken.

For months now, I’ve realized that the solution is to be “less of a man”. Need her less, want her less, desire less of her. I thought an affair would do the trick. But, no matter how secret I kept it, she will one day find out and now she has made it clear that an affair would ruin us. Well then, a prisoner of youthful stupidity or a clean break. So much life and love invested in a single individual and so much pain to cause through deception and infidelity. No, I will not put her through that.

So, I am going to leave my wife and I’m sure it’s mostly my fault.
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

sadness but beautifully written, indeed.

She talked me into staying until the New Year. "Things will change" Her misguided rejuvenation lasted 7 days and now I've gone and agreed to give it 6 months. I feel so stupid.