She Doesn't Get It.

My ex doesn't get why I can't have any contact with her. I hoped to be friends, but she makes it impossible. After we broke up, she ran right back to the very woman I knew she would...the woman she was with before me. The woman she couldn't stop talking about the entire time we were together.
(I will admit the break up was over my own indiscretions with someone online and only online.)

Since then it seems as though she just flits around and occasionally calls, then gets angry when I don't answer and sends nasty-grams. Why should I? The last time I needed a friend (and only a friend), she couldn't handle the simple fact that if she spent the night, she would be sleeping on the couch. Her place is no longer with me in my bed. I don't want her there.

I don't want her to touch me. In fact, it kinda creeps me out since she's been with others since and I haven't slept with anyone. Plus I'm not the one she should be running to for any sort of physical comfort. It's not my role in her life anymore.

My reason for not dating or hooking up is simple. I want a true and stable relationship. However, if I'm ever to find someone who is also stable then I need to get my own **** together. My ex seems to have no concept of this. So **** it...I've moved on. I don't even know who the hell she is anymore and don't want to.
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I was crazy for not telling her to **** off earlier. Hindsight is 20/20 as usual. *sighs*

And you're doing an excellent job of moving on, Lotus!! (She was crazy to ever let you go to start with....)<br />
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I think her problem is the simple fact that there is no way to win me back. It's over and nothing can change that. In the meantime, I've got to move on and do what I need to do. Thank you for your comment lolcatlover. :)

You've done the right thing, Lotusdrop. It's best to make a clean break rather than cling to the threads of a frayed relationship. <br />
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I don't get your ex. How would behaving badly win you back? Ridiculous! Fair dues for ridding yourself of negativity.

Plus I've cleaned out my closet and the crap she left being donated to goodwill.

amen to that sistah! :)

Oh, hell yes, you are...and a person can only take so much rejection !!

I let her come back to me once and she got her revenge **** in. It sure isn't going to happen again. My feeling is that she has other motives in mind if she can't just come over and enjoy conversation and company. That's why she has such a problem with a simple boundary like sleeping on the couch. ****, she used to sleep there towards the end of our relationship anyway...dunno why it's a problem for her now. wtf? Nope, she didn't deserve me...and she wonders why I looked for attention elsewhere. Not that it was right, but I'm human.

I am so proud of you for taking care of yourself like this!! She doesn't deserve you, Lotus..and never did..<br />
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