Months, Days And Probably Years Could Go By.

Does time really heals? It hurts so much.
It's been five months since we broke up.
I had a six months relationship with this guy whom I thought who loved me
but I was wrong.

I was so happy with him within those months.
He showed me to be loved and how it is to be in love.
But after six months of passionate love with him.
He left me. He didn't fight for me.
I broke up with him through text but chased him five months through text also.
He didn't even look at me on how I am going.
I suffered depression because of him.
He didn't replied to my hundreds text messages and
many calls, even a bit.
He just told me that he don't want me anymore and that
he has found a new girl better than me and that he don't need me.

It hurts too deep but I am still in the process of moving on.
This happened January. Today is May.
When will be the time that I would stop thinking about him and think about myself?
It hurts so much. Time flies and still I can't move on.

Moving on is a hard circumstance.
Now, I am hopefully wishing that one morning when I woke up I'll forget him
and every heartbreak he has done to me.

It hurts so much like hell.
I wonder why people come and will just hurt you; leave you hanging on nowhere.

Finally, I am beginning to accept that he would never come back but I am
still hoping for his kiss, even a last kiss.

I loved him so much. I guess, I love him still.
lovelymade lovelymade
18-21, F
3 Responses May 19, 2011

pray is the only way to help us move on...find other activities that will make you busy...i'm going on to my own struggles too..but i have to be strong and move can do it...

It's almost a year. I already moved on. His kiss is disgusting.<br />
I hate myself for loving such a dirty guy.

I can truly understand hows your feeling and what you meant "it hurts so much like hell". Don't call him, don't text him and never hope for his kiss... even a last kiss. Move on dear... time heals, believe me.