He Will Never Know

A guy will never know how much he will hurt a girl who loves him so much. He will never know the emptiness a girl would feel after he had left her. He may care and feel sorry, but he will never have the idea how deep the wound he caused to a girl. He will never know how that girl yearns for someone new to heal her broken heart. She listens to tons of songs which she thinks would make her feel better and be able to appreciate her value again. He will never know how many hours will it take for her to be able to sleep. He will never know how often she would cry when she is alone. He will never know how many questions she has in mind when in fact she did everything to make him happy and make him feel loved. He will never know how many times did the girl shared her experience about the break up and how sad she feels about it. The only thing he knows is that he was stupid to let her go. But he realizes everything the moment the girl knows he was not worth her tears and that it is time for her to move on.
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Well said.

Sometimes he does know

I just hope so....it still makes me sad...i still miss him.

He may feel the same. sometimes when he sits by himself

things always comes in a bad way but it doesnt mean it ends there but look for the brighter tommorrow for another day will come and as i have said if you girls dont have dates well im here for you anytime...

It's sad but true. We don't truly appreciate what we have until it's taken away from us. We take things for granted and think we know. To love completely is a blessing that not everyone has experienced and not everyone is capable of. As much as it hurts, you will meet someone worthy of all you have to offer. Trust and believe in yourself.