Part Of The Healing Process

I expect that nearly everyone understands the analogy, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.” It refers to when a person focuses on a single detail, a tree, that he or she doesn’t see the big picture, the forest. I find that I’m more inclined to have blinders on when I’m romantically involved with someone. My lady can do no wrong, and I never expect my lady to do wrong. I only see her. I only care to see her.

It’s a matter of trust. I want to someone whole-heartedly. Likewise, I want to be trusted whole-heartedly. It’s great when things are working the way I would expect. It’s a bit painful when someone takes advantage of that trust. I guess this is what makes it tough for me to move on after a relationship. It’s like my faith in people gets damaged.

I don’t seek relationships, collecting them as one would baseball cards or majolica. Things happen as they are meant to happen. It may or may not be awhile before I think about engaging in a romantic relationship. Right now, at this moment, I feel like I’ve moved beyond the downfall of my last relationship. I learned some things, and I’m not coming out of this bitter. Therefore, I have to admit that I feel pretty good.

While in the midst of turmoil, life seems most difficult. We give strength to the difficulties based upon the strength we spend surmounting the difficulties. The more we work towards our goals, the more we appreciate attaining them. I’ve learned to appreciate overcoming adversity as much as I appreciate attaining my chosen goals. When I look back upon challenges that caused me the most worry, I think “What was the big deal anyway?” Whether my plans and goals succeeded or failed, I’m here now. I might as make the best of the present. Robert Frost summed this up simply. "In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on."
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great post. you inspire me btw.