I'm Over It.

I've been through my fair share of pain, heartache and disappointment. People have hurt me throughout the years, losing trust that could never be gained again. And now that it's happened yet again, I feel like the only thing I can do is to move on.
My boyfriend of 8 months broke up with me the day after my birthday (Aug. 2). Not having seen him since July, I thought I could handle it. Even though I cried some, and thought of him everyday, because I never saw him it made it much easier.
School started last week, and I ended up having two classes with him, both of which we sit fairly close because our names have the same initials. The first week was horrible, my heart was always pounding in those classes. I expected myself to do everything I could to seem perfect, and confident and win him over again. But under that, I was a mess and wanted nothing more than to cry.
So I sent him an apology message on Facebook Monday. Even though I didn't break up with him, or didn't really do anything, I still apologized and asked to forgive and forget so school wouldn't be as awkward as it has been. The funny part? He never responded. Not on Facebook, not in person.
Now, I'm looking at myself completely differently. I apologized for something that wasn't even in my control. I tried to mend something that clearly wasn't going to mend. Now I realize that if he can't even accept my apology, why should I still be thinking of him? Why should I still have feelings for him? There's no good reason, no logical one when he is being such a jerk.
So now, my main goal is to move on. Not try to move on, but move on. Maybe next time he passes me papers in class, I'll say thank you. Or maybe I'll say hi, not to win him over, to make sure he knows now only am I over it, but I'm trying to be the mature one who picks up the pieces and fixes the puzzle.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

You shouldn't even say hi. I guarantee the very best way to let him know-without a doubt!-that you are over him is to completely ignore him. Don't say thanks, don't smile, don't even really look at him.
It really might feel like you are coming off mad or mean-but if you aren't doing it to be spiteful then it won't come off that way. He will know then that you are definitely over him.
Girls grow up thinking we are suppose to be the "nice" ones, but why?! He hurt you, it isn't being mean to stay away-it's moving on.

Thanks! Yeah, that is how it's been working out lately, with the ignoring and all. But still gotta keep my head up, right? (: