The Road To Healing

it always goes something like this: in the beginning, i dwell on the good, and i miss everything so much it practically kills me.
days slowly weave together, and my longing transforms into anger, as past crimes surface and fill me with hate. 

but nothing lasts forever, and hate is no exception.
it burns out, and eventually, i am left with the ashes. they say a phoenix rises from the ashes, and so it rises here, too.
i watch our beautiful memories soar before me, and i am graced by their purity. my heart's suffering takes flight, as forgiveness settles in. 
i am grateful for the experience. 
i am grateful, to you.

i have travelled this road many times, and i'll walk it many more.
the journey leaves me far greater, than none at all. 
wildf1ower wildf1ower
26-30, F
2 Responses Nov 25, 2012

It's the process of healing :) We have to go through those stages for us to become whole once again. You'll find your footing before long - you can take that to the bank ;)

Good for you!