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The Road To Healing

it always goes something like this: in the beginning, i dwell on the good, and i miss everything so much it practically kills me.
days slowly weave together, and my longing transforms into anger, as past crimes surface and fill me with hate. 

but nothing lasts forever, and hate is no exception.
it burns out, and eventually, i am left with the ashes. they say a phoenix rises from the ashes, and so it rises here, too.
i watch our beautiful memories soar before me, and i am graced by their purity. my heart's suffering takes flight, as forgiveness settles in. 
i am grateful for the experience. 
i am grateful, to you.

i have travelled this road many times, and i'll walk it many more.
the journey leaves me far greater, than none at all. 
wildf1ower wildf1ower 26-30, F 3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

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The hatred I feel is dissipating, forgiveness is setting in. I still feel compelled to break the communication barrier but I know exactly what that would create. Nonetheless, with all this, even forgiveness, why do I still feel sorrow wildf1ower? You seem wise beyond your years. Why do questions still linger? I feel the heart truly is a liar.

i don't think the heart ever lies, i think the mind lies and tries to fool you. but your heart never is pure, and loves beyond reason, logic, or ego.
i think you feel sorrow because you lost what you's natural to mourn loss. and i think questions still linger because your heart isn't ready to let go. once your heart finally lets go, the questions release their hold and your mind is set free.

Well said. I knew I could count on you. Now just one more question....even if to just take a stab at it to make me feel even better, how much longer til my mind is set free? Lol.

well, that's really up to you, 2fillthevoid. i've found the most powerful aid in allowing me to let go of someone was to not be around them physically. removing that physical presence really chipped away at my connection towards him, and eventually, it broke free. it's sad to leave behind what was, and yet, my heart knows moving on is the right thing to do. i think when your heart feels that way, it becomes easier to release yourself.

Thank you. I dearly appreciate your words.

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It's the process of healing :) We have to go through those stages for us to become whole once again. You'll find your footing before long - you can take that to the bank ;)

Good for you!