Its Official!!!

The judge final decree...........DIVORCED was issued as of 12/3/12 @ 11:53 am.

I have officially moved on!

No more pain, no more hust, no more saddness, no more empty house with a abusive ex-spouse telling me I aint worthy, I'm unfit.

TIME TO HEAL and yes, I will move on!

Here's to 2012...moving on
Here's to 2013.....moved!
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3 Responses Dec 4, 2012

Congratulations!! I read another one of your posts and was heartsick for you. I understand being trapped in a relationship and am so glad that you were able to finally get out! I wish, and hope for, the best for you!

congrats! cheers to your wonderful new beginnings...may they be as great as you are :)

Thanks has already changed for the better...found a new love....yipeee!

Just saw this... GOOD LUCK!!!
Please be careful with your heart out there. all the best

Thx M...sometimes we must take a RISK in order to experience what real love is again....TAKE THE PLUNGE!

so very right!!!!