i am a mother of six stay at home mom on october 26th my sister called me and told me she had slept with my husband needless to say my husband was a police officer and had to resighn but didnt tell me why anyhow i found out he was having sex with wemen on the job and had to resign lots of wemen how sad for my children now have to move out of are home because he is selfesh i almost wont to stay with him so my kids dont have to lose there home my children are my life but the husband needs to find somewhere else to go maybe he can move in with my sis

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2 Responses Sep 18, 2009

wow...i am so sorry. you are an amazing mother, though, for thinking of them through all of your grief.

So sorry to hear about your trouble ... it's hard to be forced into a situation like this which affects your children and through no fault of your own. It sounds like you will be better off without him though ... and your sister!