I'm moving to Montana! How friggin' crazy does that sound??
I think when I told everyone I was moving to Idaho, that was a little crazier. Seriously, who moves to Idaho?? Will be happy to be moving on though.
Small town Jersey Girl seeing all the stuff no one else gets to.
Yea... That's me :)
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Montana sounds so much cooler than Idaho! When I think of Idaho, I think of potatoes... Exciting place I'm sure! Lol

Idaho is actually all mountains. It's a very pretty state. The scenery is just wow in some places. Montana is more "nothing" lol but the thunderstorms are like holy cow!! I'll post pictures :P

Idaho has mountains? I don't believe you! My made up mental picture puts it in the same category as Kansas for some reason! Lol

Yup!! **** ton of mountains. They're everywhere. Where we are now is a valley. So no matter what direction I look, is mountains. I can actually see the Rockies :))

I'm jealous! I live in Florida now, the tallest peaks are the anthills in the yard! :(

Lol that's y I left the east coast. I wanted to see something different. I went to San Francisco in 2006 and fell in love with the un-flatness of everything. I've always wanted to see mountains and Nebraska lol. A state full of not a single thing but corn? That fascinated me. So when my BFF offered to get me to Idaho, I took it. Worse part of the state to go to... But I got to see what I wanted :)) wldnt trade it for anything!!

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