I am 15 turning 16 this September and I am extremely scared to be moving all the way from Pennsylvania to Florida. It is even harder because I come from a broken family and I have a stepdad and half sister but this isn't my family, it is hers. I have my two best friends here whom I love so much and they are the reason I am still alive. My older brother moved out awhile ago and my sister is partially moved out already. Everyday I feel lonely and like I have nowhere to turn to. I don't want to leave everything I know behind and live in a broken family with nowhere to turn to. I'm just scared I won't have anyone down in Florida....
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You've done this before, we all have. You overcame it then and you'll recover now. have a little faith in yourself.

Although I'm older, myself and a very complicated family moved from MD to FL and then back to PA. Do you know where you are going?