Time For A New Chapter

I'm moving in with my boyfriend and his family this Sunday . As the time gets closer I start to get nervouse because I'm leaving my house my home and I always thought as my boyfriends house his house and now it's going to be mine as well at least for a couple months until we save out to move out . It scares me because the other day we talked and he made it seem he wants to go out more have a social life as he said it made me think am I holding him back ? Is what we have now not good enough that he wants to change things ? And then I thought maybe he's scared maybe its just hitting him that we going to spend alot of time together . What if he changes ? And we end up fighting all the time and it doesn't work out its alot to think about but this is a step we where going to take sooner or later and it's time . I know we going to make this work going to be hard but we going to make it threw it. I want to be one independent and I know the only way to do that is to get away from my mother she holds me back makes me feel like **** makes me selfesteen hit the floor puts me in the middle of my father and her problem . Doesn't appreciate anything I do who wants to live like that no one should .
Jimena123 Jimena123
18-21, F
Dec 8, 2012