Truly And Utterly Freaked Out

Im trying to move to the states to marry my girl friend im freaked that i wont move im freaked that i will move a knife edge of doubt of loss and hope of escape and happy ever after i put the papers in on friday then book my medical i guess im here hopeng that your good wishes will help me out silly really
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31-35, M
1 Response Jun 13, 2010

This is the issue my love has with our relationship and why he is pushing me away and letting our love go... FEAR.

Don't let fear be mistaken for doubt, red flags and gut instinct.

Moving out to be with your girlfriend is just that, moving from one place to another. It's not marriage, it's relocation. Not any different if you had moved into her apartment where you are living.

This is a quote I read once that I think holds true, don't make decisions when you are angry, and don't make promises when you are happy. Both are made when emotions are high.

Something in your heart felt she was worth moving there to be with her. Allow her and yourself the time to also adjust to living together. Not all relationships will come together smoothly when they move in so give both of you the time to adjust.

How amazing will it be when you realize you are perfect for each other?

And if you realize you aren't compatible, it's just an apartment, you can move into another one.

If you feel you are giving up your freedom, feel trapped and want the freedom to see other people than perhaps you should move there, just not in with her.

Whatever you do, DON'T do what my love did, make promises, make plans, build my heart up to believe in a future together and take it out from under me.