Farewell-i Hope You Are Ready

My absence from EP has been for a higher purpose. We are moving house.

For many, a move is the most stressful thing they face in their lives. Some say it can be more stressful than divorce or bereavement. Tosh!

This is my 8th move in 16 years most of which have been international and/or intercontinental. This one is domestic but has its particular challenges. Australia is a big country. This move is through several hours of time-zone, across thousands of miles of desert and from one climate to a vastly different one. But that is not the challenge.

This is one of the few moves and the first for some time without the benefit and assistance of domestic help. The other complication is that we are moving from a smaller abode to a larger house and in doing so are liberating a 40ft container of furniture and personal effects which has lained waiting on another continent for the better part of two years.

Packing up our modest home here;) after 18 months in Melbourne is a significant task. Unpacking these effects together with the others merged after so long, is daunting.

The prepacking is all but complete. This weekend we move into an hotel and next week the professional packers finish off our efforts to date and prepare the shipment westwards ho.

Farewell Melbourne!

Perth come I. I hope you are ready.


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Well ....those can be tricky to pack as well. :-))

Those are tricky to pack as well. :-)

Hopefully there will be a point where you will stay in a house for a while.... Good luck on the move...

You mean a home? Yes. I guess we should think of buying a home. But I think we will eventually take over the family home by the lake. We are not actually living in a tent:)

By the way, my dear husband goes through this every time with me. Each move, I whine, whine and complain...hehehe...He knows I'm a drama queen;) I'm too old to be living like a nomad...where is my camel? Did you know Australia has the largest number of camels in the world? ..

I didn't know that!!

You should get yourself a nice tent ;-)

Wish I could come and help!<br />
<br />
When I first saw a map of Australia superimposed over a map of the states when I was in school, I was amazed to see that the land mass is about the same and Australia is huge! <br />
<br />
Hope the new climate and time zone agrees with you!<br />
<br />
Get some rest!

Which place did you like better, Vetrov?

What do you think of Perth, Vetrov. I thought a bit...quiet;(

Arrgghhhh. The summer can be quite severe. I need the four seasons ..I'm going to have a meltdown...oops I meant I'm going to melt ;)

Yes Tasmania is lovely. We were there a few weeks ago.

Interesting part? Im curious now;) i give you a hint. I'm Grant Hackett's neighbour-the Olympic swimmer:)

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Bright Blessings to you as you "embrace" this coming adventure! You will give us frequent updates of course? Hugs.

Of course, I will keep you updated on this moving experience;)

:-) good deal friend!

Update: Friday - up and showered. Wrote on EP and thinking if I should start sorting out the furniture in the guest bedroom. Maybe it can wait? Hehe. EP has priority;)

My husband worked for the government when our children were young, we moved 14 times in 7 years, and we have always had pets. The moving all over the country was exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Twenty years ago we came "home" and have lived here since. With children and pets, it got a little crazy to continue the constant moves. I am excited for you, I remember the fun times and the movers and find our way around new places. Our moves were not international moves, and I have never had domestic help, it wasn't so easy. :-)

I meant "finding" our way around new places, I am tired tonight! :-)

Not easy to move with pets or kids ...I salute you;) we don't have any. Just lots of ballgowns!! lol

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