New House!!

We just bought a new house!!!!
We should be all moved in my the end of the month.  My dad, my father in law and my husband have been setting up the baby's nursery and it looks so cute.  They hardly allow me to lift a finger anymore.  I can do stuff too, dammit.  
I'm so excited about all this.
I love this house!!!  We picked it out together after going through countless houses.  When we saw this one we both just knew that this house was awesome and we had to have it.
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Enjoy them doing everything for you... Cause when that bundle of joy comes along... you will be wishing they got up at 11pm, 2am, 5am... :) Good Luck in the new abode!

Congratulations! How many houses did you view before getting this one? ;)

We saw a total of about 22 houses before picking this one.

Good luck. Exciting time in. Your life.

When I wrote that check out, I knew this was a whole new kind of "Adult" It's weird, but I feel like a grown-up now, LOL.

Did your hand shake? Lol.

My hands shook when we wrote that damn check. I know that check looked like a 4 year old wrote it out, LOL