Opportunity Knocks

 Amongst all the chaos as of late, my guy comes to me one night and said, 
 "I have an option I want to offer you.  You don't have to say yes now, you can think about it but I want to put it out there that its an option you can consider."

He told me that he had been really thinking about this for a bit and that he has a house that is not in use because he stays in the his trailer all the time.
And that he sees me who could really use a stable place to live, a home for the girls, and a chance to get myself back on top instead of being stuck in a societal rut. And offered to rent his home to me for the cost of utilities.  

I didn't give him an answer or reply and just listened as he explained how he would stay at the trailer until the cold season hits.
That at that time if my girls didn't want him there he would stay somewhere else.  The more I didn't say anything, the more he rambled on......
I really like where we are going, I am not saying its love or anything like that but its a chance to help yourself, for me to help you and you to help me.
He said I know that even if we didn't work out that we could still be friends enough to make it work. He said I know you have your sister, and friends to talk too.
And thats ok as long as you don't bury everything because that will only catch  you in the end. But I want you to know you can talk to me too. At one point he was practically tripping over his words and my silence.  

I just nodded my head and said I would think about it. 

The next morning I asked him how much the utilities cost which in turn he almost choked on his coffee. LMAO 

That night I asked how he would handle things if we didn't work out.......I expressed sincere doubt the idea was a good one at this point.
He raised his eyebrow at me, shrugged his shoulders and said, "Its just an option....you don't have to say yes." 
He said he could post an ad for someone else to rent the place instead but wanted me to have the option first.  
Which at that point I ended the conversation and busied myself with something else, looking at him sceptically a few times without him knowing every once in awhile.  

A couple days later I told him I had talked to my youngest about the idea and that I was somewhat encouraged by her response.
He just smiled and asked what her thoughts were.  I said she like the idea of living in a house, getting out of the bigger city but said I had to get bunk beds in which he laughed at. 

I asked about my belongings and what I am supposed to do with everything. He shrugged his shoulders and smiled. 

A couple days later I called a few storage units and told him the info I had discovered.  
Told him that I would hang onto some things for now but if things worked out I would willingly sell them.  

About a week later I talked to my landlord about notice procedures with regards to moving and shared that conversation with him.

Later that night he said it would give him lots of time to ready the home for me and that he planned to keep his house cleaner on so I would have her coming every other week as well.  He said he would like access to the garage and to be able to do his laundry if needed.  

The next day I met him at my place so he could change into his uniform for his baseball game.  
I left, forgot something and came back to get it.  He was nowhere in sight and I assumed he was in the wash room.
I went upstairs to get what I needed and heard him coming up the basement stairs asking if it was me that was there.  
I looked at him and told him I forgot something.
He looked at me, smiled and said, "I wanted to see how much stuff you had to move, you don't have a lot and it will all fit in my garage and save you the cost of the storage unit."  

I nodded my head, said ok, told him I would see him at the game and left.  
Four days later I gave my notice to the landlord and told him that I did.
He just smiled and said nothing.  

The next day was Friday, I sent him a text asking him if he wanted me to stay at my place that night so he could get some time out with the guys.
One word text.........no. 
That night as we were getting ready for sleep....he looked at me, smiled and said, 
"I don't know there's something about a warm body next to you that helps you sleep at night."

The next morning he was rather chatty about this and that and adding a comment here and there about the impending move. 

I told him I am not making any commitments at this point, that while I do like where we are going and do hope that come the cold weather that we will be in a position for him to move in with me.  That if the opportunity meant that we were living together right away I would have said no.  That I like the amount of time I have to adjust and for the girls to adjust and if that wasn't there it would have been a no.  He nodded his head and said he understood. 

So I have an opportunity to live in a house, in a smaller town, to be able to provide the girls with everything they need and not have to live in a ghettoplex. 
I decided to take a chance and answered the door when opportunity came knocking. 
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

This sounds wonderful, I so hope things work out, even if you just decide to remain friends. It is just good to know that people are willing to help others when they have the opportunity to share their abundance.

Awww snowy.....He sounds like a "keeper" It's good you're takin your time but.......He REALLY does sound like an AWESOME guy! This is maybe just what you and the girls need about now too.......I am soooo happy for you....♥