my mom decided she wanted to move to baltimore and decided to drop that bomb on me tonight, she was telling me i was a bad daughter and im betraying her because i finally decided i have had enough and she wont control my life anymore so im moving in with my dad. Even though me and my dad have no connection its better then moving out to one of my moms friends home n staying in a room im not up for that.. I feel like this needed to happen because she controlled me i wasnt let out to go to parties hang out with friends (specifically with guys) i was locked up in my home like a caged bird, this is new for me im kinda scared... I have a week maybe two to pack everything and move which is alot. I need a get away i feel like screaming and crying im so stressed ontop of this i have to do it before college starts which is next week i believe..
hitomisnow1 hitomisnow1
18-21, F
Jan 8, 2013