Dependence On Technology.

I think that society, in general, is too dependent on technology. However, how can't we be? Technology advances every day and new apps and new gadgets are always being manufactured. If an inventer is out of ideas of what to produce, then he or she thinks of how to make their last invention better. In a world caught up in electronics, how can we not be caught up in the trends of technology? I found an article on Fox News' website about how cars soon will be incorporating phones into their models and adding apps drivers can use when they are behind the wheel. Why? Simply because society is caught up in their phones and personal computers. Car makers feel the pressure to step up their game in order to not be left in the dust by the constant advancements within our society. Car companies have struggled with making their vehicles appealing to audiences, not just by design, but by the features within them. Car makers have advanced GPS systems and in the future, now, they will have streamlined systems to connect to smartphones. OnStar is proud to announce they will be featuring apps that will allow drivers to connect to social networking sites, such as Facebook and Myspace, along with an app that will read a driver's text messages out loud. Not only is OnStar incorporating new technology, but they say they are taking into concern the safety of their drivers, whom now will not be as distracted by their cellular devices and will be hands free while driving. However, it can be argued that all these apps will, in the end, overload the driver and actually make them more unaware of their surroundings. Personally, while I find these car advancements useful, I agree with the statement that drivers will become more distracted, endangering other drivers on the road. This is an example of how technology has become so extreme within the American society that other products have to focus on icorporating phones, internet access, etc. in order to be guaranteed appealing to all audiences. While, yes, I cannot every go without my phone or laptop, I don't necessarily think it's a healthy habit and most Americans, I believe, have the same issue. In the end, I believe, society is ridiculously too caught up in new technology and the car making news story is just an example of how technology is taking over the world and people's lives.
Lisa7247 Lisa7247
18-21, F
Sep 23, 2010