I Used to Be Very Self Conscious About It...

Mainly because my guy friends growing up would talk about how they knew girls that did it and they were disgusted by it. But I don’t "squirt" like they described (a stream of fluid, which is probably urine) I gush juice when I ***, more like spilling a glass of very warm water. maybe my ****** are just different IDK...

KinkyKasia KinkyKasia
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I would love to have sex with you, and make you squirt all over mee then make you pregnant! HOWL!!!!!

Squirting is a real gift and any guy that doesn't like isn't worth your time. Happy gushing, and thanks for sharing.

That is soooo SEXY !!! I have always wanted a girl to *** like that on me !!! <br />
I am Still waiting ......

Wow ! Nothing weird about you or ur ******* babe! My gf is a squirter too ! She started squirting with me, and never had before, about 4 years ago. im thrilled i can make her so hot and wet and get her to just lose herself in her ******* and squirt on my face on my **** as we reach the heights of pleasure ! ur sexy and hot and awesome . growl xo peter id be honored if u would add me . thank you

I have been with a couple of squirters and I feel it's a compliment to me when they squirt. Makes me think that I am good.

Perfect, and Delish!

I love it to. I love to lick and suck womans ***.

Female *********** is a gift to be discovered and enjoyed, and I'm glad you've done both. It's just as enjoyable when you share the experience with another person-- who knows what can happen then!

real men do not mind a gusher :-)<br />
<br />
is very fulfilling to know lover has *** so well.<br />
<br />
besides who says we are supposed to be the only ones to make the wet spot!<br />
<br />
:-) you ladies enjoy it, we do

My wife, like you, mostly floods. It isn't urine no matter what some people say. It's got a different smell and much thicker, more like weak amniotic fluid. Okay now this is too technical.<br />
<br />
Having said this there have been times where she squirted. It all depends on her position. Mostly though it's a flood. She's soaked me quite a few times and I'm not complaining. <br />
<br />
Once a guy gets used to it it's very sexy to see a woman in the throes of ****** and gushing her *** all over the bed. It turns me on because I know she's really turned on.

hi Kinky<br />
sorry, but to "squirt" is not that unusual. a lot of girls can do it. some can squirt a number of feet, and guys like it because they catch it in their mouth!

Hahaha I love how people think you two are so controversial and crazy, really you're just adorable.

I love you :)

Aww you two are so sweet =D The guys I've been with so far haven't minded, but I get soo wet and then gush when I ******, it's embarassing, but I think I just worry too much haha.

Honey, you know I love you - and true squirting is actually a rare, sexy *** gift. You're entire body is a wonderful, sexual playground. You certainly hit the genetic lottery. I told you that there is a whole **** genre dedicated to squirters.

Yep, I was always so scared that guys would think it was disgusting, but the right guy will love that you do it ;)

Oooh, this has cleared stuff up for me a bit, I don't actually "squirt" when I ****** like guys always describe but I do gush, and yeah, I've always been embarassed by it =/

I know mine isn't urine, but how they described the other girls' "squirting" it just seemed odd that a long stream would come out. I've only see a stream when I pee...

****** is not different.The fluid flows is not the urine.I also like the flow of juce from the slot when woman ****.