Niagara Falls

I know this will be hard to believe but I remained a virgin until I met my husband.  Because I chose to be chaste there was so much about sex I did NOT know, so when I first squirted I was both shocked and horrified!

I thought I had just wet myself...but my husband knew better.

Since then I have squirted/sprayed during ****** enough to soak a large bath sheet...which is a beach towel large enough for the point where you would have thought I immersed it in a pool of water.  I have also soaked our bed to the point where it needed to be ******** and allowed to dry over the course of an entire day and some of the evening...even  then I needed to lay towels down so we could sleep on it!!

There was also a time where my husband arranged a "circle jerk" and I squirted with only clitoral stimulation much to the surprise and amazement of the men who witnessed it!

I can squirt /spray over and over and over again until my body shakes and trembles, and then some more if the energy is there.

In short I am like Niagara Falls once I get going!!

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that complete surrender to your ****** is an amazing thing

I hope my new girl friend squirts like that. I have never had the rxperence of someone squirting. I asked 4 days ago about more information, but no one has commented on it. maybe you would help someone new to squirting. Thanks. rockin2havfun.