penes quiero penes quiero penes quiero penes quiero penes quiero penes quiero soy chica :)
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Wow enserio mk que asco.... Perversa

homo quiero homo quiero homo quiero homo quiero homo penes quiero penes quiero we are the most misunderstude who can't spell worth a **** nut jobs on earth this is what makes America the most. Greatest place to live and no body gives a **** about us nut jobs unless we was to kill someone then they would be out for our heads to chop off just to see our heads roll down the sidwalk lol roll roll rolling down down the street what a bloody ******* mess it makes my d... Twitch just thinking about It I would love to have a video of my head being chopped off and have it putt on the Internet so they can jack off to it this is all i'm bloody worth I would be better off dead anyways but it won't be by hands that's the cowwards way out! When you are in. Servers pain day end and day every waking day pain makes you crazy after years of being in pain. Pain meds don't work anymore yada yada yada we all have our problem's well it could be a whole lot worse cancer well with you will eventchelly die I told you I can't spell worth a **** so teachers cut me some slack here I'm trying to get my spelling back by using it ok this is why I'm a cutter I cut to numb my pain pain killers no longer work for me anymore that why I do what I do don't look down on me don't point your fingers at me stop bumping your gums at something you. Don't under Stan the life of a cutter when I don't even understand it or how to stop it I keep trying to go on with my life the best I can I have kept this a deep dark secret for a long time I can Handel my allful back pain it's the verbal toung abuse and beatings I got from My Dad and my school mates I can Handel my school mates and did I have been out of school for years I steel carry the deep scares inside me I can never tell my family they would disown me I know the is probeley not the right post area to put this in but I'm on over load my family and my friends are wondering why I'm angry all the time they wonder why I always won't to cave some ones face in I've kept this in for so long it has effected me mentally by me writing this it feels like the weight of world has been lifted off of me it's a merical that I haven't killed anybody thank goodness for that that soooooo not me I'am a kind and caring kind of guy I truly really care for people I just snapped up about this letter like I just said this is soooo not meeeeee this is why I am a cutter maybe with me getting this out in the open this may be a part of my healing and escape from being a cutter to all of cutters out there that's keeping this beast inside of you maybe this just might be your healing I hope this is my healing I won't out of this night mare love to all of you cutters out there I hope you break free from this Brothers and Sisters

Dude it's spanish calm the f down