Half "american" And Half Colombian

Why quotes on American? Well if "Americans" think there are two Americas that is so sad because Christopher Columbus discovered America as a whole, not North and South. And that even if it was seperated ( Which isn't ) there would still be two americas and Americans are all the people born in America or as some people would say in an america. Okay the point is I was born and raised for eight years in North Carolina then I moved to my family's country which is Colombia in South America. So I speak spanish. And people would think that a girl from two parts of America wouldn't know if it's separated or not.
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You know canadians think theres a south america as well, as does the entirety if europe. There is a lot wrong with american culture and peoples views on other countries but youre point that all americans are ignorant because they think theres a north and south america, i mean thats just really bad evidence

Hi..... I am 1/2 n 1/2 too. My father was born and raised in Bogota, Columbia. My mother born and raised in Indiana, USA. I want to visit Bogota sooo badly. I do not speak Spanish well and I am too afraid to do the journey myself. I really love the fact that I have other heritage in my soul, blood and bones. I want to experience what I do not know about Colombia. What information can you give me? Thanks, Denise

Bogotá is simply amazing, I live there, the traffic here isn't very appealing and the culture isn't all that great, but everyday it's getting new things and I wouldn't move anywhere else. Very good education here as well. Apartments are nice, well mine is. This city is extremely big, but beautiful if you can see it. Bogotá is surronded by mountains, and is actually on one. Usually a bit chilly, but the weather is amazing. It is a bit cold because of how high it is ( 8,612 ft. Above sea level ) . There is a specific place where you can see a part of the city but it is so big that you can't see the whole city from there, it's called Moncerrate, it is on the top of one of the mountains surronding Bogotá, it has a beautiful view specially at night. Zona T is one of the best places for eating and shopping. Shops like Forever 21, Nautica, Gap, etc. are located in "Centro Comercial ***án" it is a new shopping center, that currently has most american stores in it. They just opened P.F Chang's here too. One thing I can assure you is that you will NEVER have nothing to do here, there is absolutely everything to do from shopping to nightlife. If you have any other questions send me a message, I'll respond as fast as possible. I hope this helped.

It is t-i-t-a-n , but this thinks it's something rude.