Walt Whitman Said It Best

"Do I contradict myself? Very well, I contradict myself. (I am large, I contain multitudes.)"- Walt Whitman

I have so many sides to my personality, so many varied interests and viewpoints and tastes. I have at least one friend for every facet of my persona. Many different types. I confuse myself sometimes. lol

SpiritOfTheRabbit SpiritOfTheRabbit
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5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

lol, you wouldn't be surprise if one of the cause a commotion if ever you throw a party. lol what a pain.

^ Exactly! I'm always reluctant to throw parties because I don't think my friends would all get along very well- each one is so different from the other. lol

ah. i see. sorry for that dude.<br />
<br />
yeah, i can really relate with that. its like having interest in things that dont really match together. like me, at some point i was interested in soothing classical music and then the next solid rock music. and you have friends that dont go well with each other when in the same room. but you are comfortable with them none the less. like for example, i have friends that act like nerds and are always talking about their grades or lessons in school. but sometimes, when i feel like it, i would go to my other almost drop out friends who didnt care about their grades.

I don't have multiple personalities, I just know a little about a lot and have many varied interests. I can also see many sides of any argument. There's a difference, I think. I didn't take any offense, no worries.

eh.... does having multiple personalities a bad thing? just asking, no ill intended