Four Languages

My mother tongue is Romanian, so I speak and write it fluently.

I studied French since second grade up till I finished high school. Now I sing French songs and write the occasional poem in French.

I studied English in kindergarten a tiny bit; then I took it up again in third grade and studied it till I finished high school (I refuse to call the mockery of an English class we had at our college, studying). I speak and write it very fluently, more so than French, though some would say English is my third language. My boyfriend is a native speaker (and so was my first love). I watch cartoons and movies, read articles, write lots of poetry and other things, and sing songs in it on a daily basis.

As a kid, I watched a lot of soap operas in Spanish and started understanding the language. I started trying to watch a bit more stuff in Spanish again, to re-learn the language. I also took private Spanish lessons in my senior year of high school.

Of course, I know some basic things in other languages; I can count to ten in Italian, know a couple words in Portuguese and a few in Latin, and can say very-very basic things in Japanese, but that's not quite speaking the languages... I can also still remember a tiny tiny bit of the German I tried to study at 10-11 years old when I would watch cartoons in this language, but I knew quite little back then so now I barely know a few words.

Oh, did I mention how it annoys the hell out of me when self-important monolingual Americans complain about my accent in English?

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steamerb - thanks for the comment. Just saying, though, I have nothing against monolingual people. I was only referring to certain people who complained about my accent and made me feel bad about it, while they couldn't speak any language but their own. That's very different from just knowing one language and respecting others enough not to require they speak yours flawlessly. So .. hope you didn't feel offended or anything.

Ugh, CtrlD - sorry, I meant to click the smile but clicked the frown instead and I'm not sure how to undo it :((<br />
But I found your comment hilarious - LOOOL Dumbericans.<br />
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Yes, I do have an accent and I'm aware of that. I just find it a bit annoying when people who can only speak their own language complain about a slight issue with my accent. I know Romanian isn't as useful, but I just feel like shouting at them -- fine, if you have a problem with my English learn better Romanian than that - I'm all for it. :)<br />
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hehe. Thanks for the comment :)

Americans complain about your accent? That's pretty hilarious. From what I've seen of your writing, your English proficiency is probably superior to that of 99% of my fellow Dumbericans.

You sound very gifted with langiages, and that does not come easy to many. You are blessed. Hopefully you can do something productive with that.Your English is quite good! having taught English myself for many years to A,ericans, they should all be so skilled! Personally, I bet you accent is charming, If Americans comment on it negatively, it's probably b/c they have trouble understanding anyone who doesn't sound like them. They often can't really undestand someone from just another part of the country (like the South, Brooklyn, or Boston). Much less British English. Forget avbout them. Most Americans have poorly developed ears for learning another language; they can't distinguish between fine points like short and long vowels.