3 Languages and Hoping For More

Since I was little, I could speak Spanish and English fluently. They are my first/second language. I learned them both at the same time and sometimes mix them too. We speak Spanglish at the house which is pretty awesome I think. Just wait till that becomes its own language. lol

At middle school, there was no way in hell I was going to take Spanish, *gags*. I decided that french was the language of love and I wanted to learn it. So I've taken French classes since then and I'm still in French class making this the 6 or 7th year of me speaking it. I can make very good conversation in French and write it pretty well, even if it takes me forever to think up what to say. I want to live in France for a bit so that I can deeply root French in me.

I want to continue to learn languages. My next goal is for Japanese or Chinese. Or both. I don't care but I want to learn both of them... I want to learn as many languages as I possibly can and teach them to my children as they grow up... ^_^ 

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I also took French in High School but due to years of neglect I have forgotten most of it. I am now trying to get it back. It's not easy but I do enjoy it. I would like to live in France for a while as well.

Amixture of languages is a common way for me to communicate with one person in my life who is doing about 22 languages We call it cryptic language When I cant think of the word in one language I use another one Ke rata ithuta languages (South Africaqn I love to learn languages)

I have been studying French too for a year and a half I have joined Mylanguageexchange.com and practice with a person from France and belgique they however are trying to do the same .you can video chat once in a while too.I am also able to speak spanish but there is always some new words that I see that I need to learn bonne courage!!si tu as des cuestions tu peux me contacter.marcm