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There is many me's inside, mostly they just talk.  Sometimes they act out or become the main me.  I am not even sure who the main one of me is.  Everyone has a different view on life and I can come up with differening opions on most subjects just by listening to the different ones inside my head.  It is really confusing when I am not the one but someone else is.  We all share most memories but some seem to get lost from the rest.  I hope to meet more people who are like this so we can talk and I can try and understand what it is I am going through.

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create a diary to try and communicate with the different ones that way. You may find that they will right in it and you can write back, ask them stuff even. Write your mood or what you are doing. Maybe they'll do the same.

oh, & yes, everyone has a little something wrong with them. i am extremely moody and emotional & sometimes suicidal. i have had major depressive episodes, & my counselor & psychiatrist think that i might have bipolar disorder, because i seem to get hypomanic. i take meds, which when i accidentally or purposely skip, really just make me even more moody & emotional. i get EXTREMELY sad, and i don't know if it's that i really do get extremely happy or if it's just the relief of not being sad, but in comparison to my depression, i have times where i feel extremely hyper & happy. i think one way when i'm sad & another way when i'm happy... to where i feel like i am 2 different ppl living 2 different lives. when i'm sad, i can only think of sad things, & when i'm hyper, i can only think of crazy, happy things. when i'm neutral, like right now, i feel that i can see mostly everything... anyways, i am not DID or MPD, but i can relate in this way. :)

good luck with finding others like u! & finding the most efficient way to live with ur self(s)!!!!

hello, i have others . I know some of the littles. I think there are about 9 but not sure. I lose time and not sure what happens in that time. I think the one i do not know must be adult as they function in work place and drive car and so on. It is something i also would like to explore more and talk to others.

I have often wondered that myself sometimes. I was into my 20's when I realized that others do not have many different interactive parts to them. I could not figure out how they could cope with the world or make descions. I have noticed that while I may be more of me than most people are of themselves, everyone has some little thing that is not mentally correct with them. So ya your friends may be not quit as sane as you are, scarry thought sometimes isn't it.

I just had a wild thought. what if we who know and deal with the reality of more than one of us in the head are the sane, not dilusional ones. Looking around I am starting to wonder abut some of my so called sane, single personality friends have both oars in the water.

you are talking to someone like you we have a group here at EP called MPD just browse my stories and you'l see how many me's are in me.who is typing this to you i wonder? which one of me is in control. there is a woman called mymylee who is an expert at MPD (multiple personality disorder)