Ok yall here goes;
 I have always had many voices in my head some would act out to help in stressful situations.  I started when I was very young I do not know when the first was, I have always been ok playing by myself. 
I know I have at least one female her name is Brenda and been around at least since 5th-6th grade. 
Chula who is like a protector and prankster can be very violent, total manifistation when I was in 7th grade during a fight.  I blacked out he took over and I did not come back till I was in the principles office with no memory of what happened.
Bi-ran who is very sexuall and playful, very feminin, likes to dress up.
Abuser do not like to talk about just that he is.
the Intellects those guys who think all the time about everything, love new information and can use it.
Texan my theripist has met him, likes whiskey and Steaks
Sucidals They just want it all over, even though I have made specific rules of sucide (degreed when I was in 7th grade) I have had one almost succesful attempt.
Travis my theripist has met him, a young 13-15 year old boy who is shy.
Driver his job is drive when I am unable, very handy guy to have has saved me many times.
I know there are many more a few who I can not understand they speak a different language than I do.  I usally hear them while I am sleeping because I wake up and hear them.
Some one will while I am sleeping grab my feet I can physically feel this and the sentation stays after I wake up, so it feels very real.
So there so far is the rogues gallery, some I know and others my therepist knows and I do not.

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First thanks for sharing your story. Secondly, for some reason I have been drawn immensely to ppl who are DID. I have wondered sometimes about my own self , I finally came clean with abuse from my childhood the other day to my psychiatrist, I regressed to a young very fearful me when he asked mw if I would ever talk to the person about what happened. i felt like a child, i acted like one in fear - big eyes and shaking my head "no" very fast. I couldn't even speak. And then he like, talked to me like i was a young scared little girl , like the softness of voice and he goes "tell mw why, do u want to tell me why sweetheart? Did someone hurt you" something like that i dont remember really and then all of a sudden i had another flash of a time when i was prob 7. So he wants me to get a therapist and to call the office as soon as i find one to let him know.Anyway. Sorry i went off , this just happened Tuesday. But its all linked together because i can't help but almost feeling jealous that i don't have anyone to help me ya no? and when i say anyone i don't mean people outside of me . So in a way its not some disorder, even tho of the reason, but a blessing. I really hope I didn't offend anyone, I have alot of respect for.your strength and fearlessness.

I will give you alittle insight into how this multiple things works, I will try not to be condencending or rude. <br />
Everyone has different aspects to their personality, one way you act with friends and another way you act at home. In any given situation you will use a different part of your personality. So in a way every one has multiple personalities they just act as one.<br />
Now a person like us it is the same except we have built walls between the different parts and they have grown seperated from the other parts. They experiance everything you do except they see it from a different perspective. Some personalities are split because of a intense trauma in early childhood. Something that the mind can not handle alone so it creats a split to handle the pain they are going through. It than blocks the pain by blocking the personality. When the pain returns the personality is once again put into play.<br />
Once someone starts splitting the mind begans to make other splits to deal with many different situations, some bad and others pleasent. It becomes the way we deal with the world around us.<br />
Almost all of us have at least one protector. Some personality who is stronger and meaner than we are. They will be the one to come out during difficult times and hurt those who are viewed as a threat.<br />
Some people get personalities who are trapped at a certian age. this personality will always be a young child who got lost in the pain and suffering of childhood.<br />
There are as many different personalities are there are people. But all of them have something to do with the original host, there is always a common thread somewhere.<br />
But the big thing is you could deal with someone in your life who you would never suspect has DID until they tell you about it. Even the docs have a hard time diagnoising it, several research sites suggest the average time is about 7 years after seeing a counsler for them to see it. Mine suspected from the start and it took 3 years for him to make a final conclusion. That is both a psycologist and a psyciatrist.<br />
I do not know if any of this helps. Please feel free to ask questions.

Wonderful. It took me years to recognize it. There was one guy who I dated when I was 19 tried to tell me that I had many personalities. I didnt see it. Then in 2007 my mind was trying to tell me and I had several flashbacks. then in 2011 or 2012 one of my personalties ( the protector) came out when I had a panic attack from smoking weed and pased out. She tried to rush me to the store so that I could drink pop so that i could get the air bubble out of my chest, I thought I was dying and my ex was standing around.. not knowing what to do. He didnt want to call 911 cuz he didnt want to get caught.. ******* lol.

Oh, I just happened by because I was curious about my new friend, mehere, who was kind enough to give me advice on a completely unrelated psychological problem and because I didn't know what "multiple we" in the group name meant. I find the mind, psychology, very interesting, and more importantly, I found it humbling that a group of only eight people could be so open and friendly. I thought I would offer my insight as an outsider.

Reina what is your interest in Multiples and DID people? You have left messages on several of the groups so I am wondering why? It is ok to curious, but what is it you are looking for here? What is it you really want to know?

wow, thanks for sharing. this is interesting... it's like when i create characters for fun & name them, except... u didn't have much of a choice. sorry, i hope this isn't an offensive comment.<br />
<br />
good luck!

you may have dissociative symptoms but not DID. most people with mental illness like manic-depression, BPD, schizophrenia have the ability to dissociate and go on grandeur or fantasy, dissatisfaction is also common with PTSD as well. U may need more testing. Like I said it took me years. My results were almost always inconsistent and they thought I had mild memory less and front brain damage..It all made sense after I found out I have Chemical imbalance from a complicated birthing experience and being low weight and also DID from trauma.

Im defanitly going to start seeing a therapist in conjunction with my psychiatrist. Thanks for your reply and answers. I just want to start to get better. Finally. And what exactly do u mean by birthing experience? Are u referring to u or do u have a child that had a traumatic one? I was 3 months premature 1lb 5oz. My mom had an emergency c section. She said she had to use the restroom N then sh said she felt my head or something. Idk. And does truama always have to be sexual in nature? (yuck sorry) because I went thru serious limb lengthening procedura when I was 7 and then 11. It was horrible. I got made fun of before I had the surgeries also. It was 5 iches shorter than my right leg. I still have shame. No its maybe an inch or something idk I try to forget or pretend im not different or dont limp. Fuxking hate it. My dad was an alcoholic, mom used to scream and yell and hit and I was so fearful of her.so I had noone really. Im an only child. My mom sometimes would let me stay home from school. Other times she would tell me to give her a break and just deal with it. Im a young girl, how the hell am I even to know how to deal with this?; **** man and for the longest time i was so ashamed to wear shorts , i live in a really hot state and i would wear pants,jeans, all the time. No pool or beach nothing. And then in the cooler months it would be easier cuz ya no everyone was wearing jeans then. I used to not even bring myself to touch my scars on the outside of my thigh. It partly grossed me out / partly hurt me to my soul.
i remember the first time i was able to take my finger and slide it along the scars, i guess it was me owning them finally. Whatever. Idk sorry i rant

Ps to LilSparkle, what was it like for u before u got an answer? Sometimes I get these thoughts that aren\'t mine. Ugh who knows but its aggrivating as hell. Not voices tho just thoughts