9 Plus Me

There are 9 that live in my head. Sometimes some of them come out and take charge but not lately. They are in my head and speak to me especially when i am stressed, overly tired, angry, frustrated, having a panic attack or not taking care of myself. Susie cries and threatens to kill us if I don't take care of the immediate situation. Tommy holds my panic attacks. Sue holds my sexual experiences. The General keeps everybody in order and keeps those that don't get along away from each other. Carry is the angry one who yells and throws things. Susan is the host, or me. Mother is the one who always puts us all down. She constantly tells us how bad we are. The Protector is in charge of Carry and Susie who are the most unpredictable ones inside and try coming out frequently. There are two others that I have not named. One is a baby and just lays in a corner and stares at the others and sucks her thumb and the other is just pacing about back and forth, back and forth but doesn't talk to anybody. When the group is not happy, there is a lot of chaos. That is when i become confused and scared.

Susanplus9 Susanplus9
56-60, F
Feb 13, 2010