Well I Did It Again...

I must have switched and didn't know it. I went to see my psychologist about an hour ago and found out that we set the appointment for 3pm not 4pm. I don't remember changing the time but she has it written in her book and showed me. I keep forgetting thing and not remembering conversations. This is very upsetting to me because even when I switched in the past to another alter, I had co-consciousness or could see and hear what was happening. I couldn't stop it but at least I knew about it. Now i can't remember conversations or events. It is so frustrating. 

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I find writing helps. I journal and we all take turns. We have friends on email and I can check the sent files and i see what and who my others are talking to. It helps alot.<br />
just an idea

Something i've been suggested to do is when your losing time alot. Such as daily or weekly depending. Start writing things down frequently. If your losing time daily then every hour or so when you have a break get a pad of paper and a pencil or your phone or whatever and write down everything that happend in the last hour or so. That way when you lose time it won't be as foggy and you will also be able to realize more when you shift and write that down as well. You might be able to find a pattern of when you switch during the day at what time or what events happended that could have triggered the alter. hope that helps :)

hi<br />
it is something you will get use to . it happens to me all the time, I hate when I forget something real important.<br />
It gets easier to manage in time.<br />
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hugs<br />

Thanx for the hug. I have done the same thing. I have my cell phone but never used the organizer with appointments, notes, etc. I just had a bunch of business appointment cards and that was enough until about two weeks ago. I could remember it all for so long. Now I have gotten my phone out and put all of the appointments in the organizer and will rely on that with it's reminders and notes. Now if only I can get the others who take over and can write to do the same. I hope they listen when I negotiate it...Oh well, back to bed. I just woke up about an hour ago with some of them telling me I had to rearrange my bedroom because they didn't like it. That's done and now it is 4:38am and I am going to try to sleep a couple of hours..."Hugs" back...

This is so familiar!! <br />
I always carry my PDA-phone around to be sure I remember appointments and to be able to take notes. That thing is my life-saver at the moment.<br />
I'm still unable to have co-consciousness, most my switches are like you described. I wish I could help you out, but all I can, is offering a *hug*.