What Broke My Mind?

What was it that split my mind in three? Probably my parents, not just living with them and their constant screaming at our siblings and each other. More than anything, I think it was the fact that they constantly tried to kill me. The day I lost my (now recovered) memories, I awoke to find that I had two voices besides my own talking to me. It was still another couple of years before I found out that this was not "normal". Absolutely no one who knows me, knows that I'm multiple. Thankfully, the instances where one of my Alters have taken over, have all been attributed to sleepwalking. I don't think anyone would even believe me, anyway. Or maybe they just don't want to think of me as "insane".

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3 Responses Aug 4, 2010

In understanding the birth of each who exists inside of you lies the key to all of them living together in harmony and perfect awareness.

many things can cause the break in our minds problem is most of them are bad or very pain full

Having alters is an interesting (!!!) experience--I have a total of 15 people living in my body, and know several other people with multiple personalities. I've been rejected out of hand by people who had known me for years but not encountered any of the others, and I have an incredible relationship now with FOUR alters who all share the same body. It's awesome when that happens!<br />
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I'll be glad to tell you everything I can about being a multiple, if you pm me. It's hard to leave that kind of information in a comment, because sometimes it's hard to write without any of the others butting in, LOL.<br />
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I'd love to hear from you, and I'd also love to add you as a friend. May I?<br />
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Looking forward to hearing from you!