They Are My Internal Sisters

It seems a lot of people think being multiple would be difficult, scary, and just all-around unfortunate.

I disagree.

I'm the leader of our little group, and with some minor bumps in the road, everything goes smoothly. I was created for defense. I was elected for that reason; also because I'm fair, logical, and level-headed, except when you threaten us. Then I'm known for glares and nose-breaks.

I love all the girls in here. They are misunderstood by outsiders, but I know them as people. Not alters. I've never seen them as slices of the host. There are nine of us in here total, including the host. Some others have come and gone, and I remember them, as do the rest.

Sure, there are some disadvantages, but they're not so bad. A recurring one is when Riley 2, the girly girl who's ALMOST 13 but never will be, wants to come out but it doesn't happen because another is needed to be out, her want will turn into a need, and the body kind of forces us to switch to her. Reality is distorted, and unless I step in, it'll switch to her, even if it's the completely wrong situation for her to be in.

I think there are more of us that are hidden in the vast, empty black space behind our house in the internal world. Soon, I'll be looking in there myself and seeing what's in there. I am nervous, because we have no idea what's back there. But if there are more of us, I want to welcome them back. They deserve to participate, and not just watch.


PS: If you want to see our blog on this, here's the link:

Before this morning, the host referred to us as alters and said she had DID or MPD. But she found some interesting sites, and now she simply says: "I am multiple." Saying we are people is still a new concept to her, so she'll just refer to us as "them" or something for now. We can't change the URL, but please consider what I've just said.

Update: There are, in total, seventeen of us permanently here. 21 if you count the temporary alters, who have come and gone.
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Its great that you can get along, i get tired of hearing about integration, some people think its getting closer and hearing all thoughts but i was told by an outside therapist that it is actually pushing all parts back into one, so we would essentially die, our host is a dear we call her the Queen because she was a real princess growing up, she loved disney we have a very interesting set up in here, she tries to make it so we can live together and not just "go away" so we share a body big deal, we are all mostly different but we are family, and have no reason to split up good for you keep it up!!<br />
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Maxwell<br />
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the younger alters generally call her mom or some variation.