I am the Chair of Model UN in our high school, after some hard work, some obstacles, I feel that everything you want is not so remote from you, as long as you believe it yourself.

I used to be normal before I entered high school. I am not the one who always shines, either am I a decent and noble girl in our school. But everything changes when I entered senior high. I started to lose weight, buy lots of elegant dresses, use every bit of my potential to be another one, well, I mean, sometimes you always feel that there is a more successful persom inside of you, she just needs time to get out. It's just like metamorphosis.

Since I want to go to the US for undergraduate education, I have to do some special things in order to catch greatest universities' attention. At that time, the people from MUN just came back from Harvard MUN Conference. Suddenly I realized that it is a chance for me. After several interviews, I am a new member of MUN.

Everything is not that good when I began doing this. Everyone in the MUN is trying to climb to higher position, I didnt know that I have to fight with them--otherwise there would be no room for me to stand. I started to question myself, why would I do this, I do not want to flatter someone just because I want to stand out! It's dirty , and unacceptable.

Then months later the first chance came, that's a chance of taking part in Aisa MUNC, which is the best conference here in China. I was asked to do some test, and then, I fail. I couldn't understand why for I tried so hard.

Thats so sarcastic.

But later I realized that why would I always care about these things? I am me, I never give up, I dt care if I am the best or not, just enjoy what I am doing.

In July and August I attended FDUIMUN2009 and WEMUNC2009 as a head delegate, our last chair didnt come with us because of the pressure from school, chinese students cannot have any entertainment when they are in the Grade 12, they have to concentrate on college enterance exam, which is the only criteria the colleges will admit us.

When I back to school later, I won everyone's trust for my great performance in conference. I was also be told that my test score was high enough to go to Aisa MUNC, but for some reasons teacher didnt choose me. They were afraid that when I heard this I would be angry. But no, actually I didnt feel anything. I really appreciate them, because they didnt allow me to take part in AMUNC, I kept trying to make myself perfect. Thus, metamorphosis finally come.

Maybe I should hate someone for they grasped my chance and brought so much sadness and depression to me. However, I know that I am so lucky, because I still have chace to dig myself. I still need to ponder, and appreciate.

And now, I am the Chair in MUN. I proved what I can do and eliminate the prejudice from teacher. I am on my way to perfect, and I know where the destination is.

I just want to tell you, who are suffering from lots of difficulties which seemd that you can never overcome. You are the one, although they dont believe in you, although they ignore you at first, you must know yourself. You have to keep trying. Just be persistant and confident, you must know one thing, you can do everything you want to do .EVERTTHING.

iFish iFish
18-21, F
Sep 18, 2009